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The CASA deans can assist students and faculty with questions and concerns about a range of advising issues. Sometimes it makes more sense for students to talk to the dean most familiar with a particular area of concern. The CASA deans are generalists as well as specialists.

Zena Clift 90Fsenior associate dean

Zena works with students who are in their sixth through tenth semesters, as well as all transfer students. She can address all issues having to do with Division III (filing, advanced educational activities, exceptions, and extensions). She oversees the admissions process for students seeking readmission to the College and those interested in applying for the All But Div III (ABD) degree program.

Monsita Moorehead, assistant dean

Monsita works with students who entered as first years in Division I through the transition to Division II, primarily students in their first through fourth semesters. Monsita brings with her many years of experience and knowledge in advising and can provide strong academic support to students.

Karina Fernández 02F, assistant dean 

Karina Fernández was born in the Dominican Republic and grew up in Providence, Rhode Island. She received her Bachelor’s degree from Hampshire College with an interdisciplinary concentration on Latino/Latin American Studies and Education in May 2006. Fernandez obtained her Master’s degree in Student Development in Higher Education with a concentration on multicultural education from the University of Maine in 2009. After graduation, Fernández worked as a Student Support Services Education Coordinator at the University of Vermont where she provided direct service and advocacy to students who are first generation, and/or low income, and/or have a documented disability. Fernandez went on to become the Educational Outreach Coordinator for the Childhood Youth and Learning Program at Hampshire College. Fernández worked with students and faculty who were exploring critical questions about how children and youth grow, change, create, and learn. Fernández served as a faculty member for the Institute for Recruitment of Teachers for four years, where she taught and mentored students who were applying to graduate school in the Humanities and Education fields. Fernandez also served  as the Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion(IDI) at Hampshire College until July 2021. Fernández is currently the Director of the James Baldwin Scholarship program and an Assistant Dean for Advising at Hampshire College.  Her work centers on helping historically underserved students in Higher Education navigate their students, career aspirations and post graduate plans. As an educator, she is dedicated to helping students access and successfully navigate higher education.

Ally Senecal, office administrator; enrollment coordinator

Ally is the College's enrollment coordinator. She provides the relevant College administrators with all student status changes, as she is the contact person for all students on leave, field study, and exchange. As the assistant to the dean of advising, Ally can answer many general questions about advising and Hampshire in general and refer students to the appropriate dean for more specific information. She also stocks the world-renowned candy bowl in the advising office.