Welcome Back from Studying Abroad!

The global education office hopes that you had a rewarding and transforming experience abroad. We are excited to welcome you back to the Hampshire community, and are eager to help you build on your new skills and interests. We can assist you with your transition back to campus and your future plans. Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information and support.

Program Evaluation Survey

Please complete GEO's Program Evaluation survey. Students want to know from other students what the experience abroad really involves. You can share your experience abroad with your peers by completing a Program Evaluation. This anonymous survey will give you the opportunity to think critically about your experience abroad and will help future Hampshire students find the international experience that is right for them!

Complete the Survey

Get Back - Give Back

Share your inspired and inspiring international experience with fellow students, the Hampshire community, and beyond. Here are just a handful of opportunities to choose from:

Participate in the GEO See(n) Photo Contest

The annual GEO See(n) Photo Contest encourages students to submit photos from their off-campus studies in order to offer glimpses into their critical and transformative off-campus experiences. The contest opens each November and a campus-wide reception is held in February. Prizes are awarded to photo contest finalists!

GEO See(n) Photo Contest

Display art work in the Prescott Tavern

The TavernArt program offers Hampshire community members the opportunity to display temporarily samples of their work in Prescott Tavern. For more information, see campus leadership and activities (CLA) or email tavernart@hampshire.edu.

Join the GEO Ambassador Team

The GEO encourages returned students to help promote study abroad across the Hampshire College campus. Being an advocate is a great way to stay connected to the global community when you return to Hampshire. Work-study and volunteer opportunities are available. For more information, please contact GEO.

Submit your writing or photographs to a national audience

There are several national student-centered international education magazines that want to hear from study abroad alums. They sometimes feature student writing and/or photography contests. This is an opportunity for students to share information and experience with other students contemplating an educational experience abroad, whether it involves academic study, volunteering, interning, or work. Consider submitting articles, essays, photographs, insights, and advice to: Diversity Abroad, The Huffington Post, or Go Abroad.

ENGAGE (the Educational Network for Global and Grassroots Exchange)

ENGAGE is a coalition of returned study abroad students that transforms the study abroad experience into lifelong connections and cooperative action between peoples and social movements working towards a just and sustainable world. 

What's Next? Additional On-Campus Resources

There are many ways to transition back into your life at Hampshire. You might have new interests and are looking for ways to use new skills. Here are a few ways to get involved and to integrate your study abroad experience into your life back home:

Student Groups

There are several student groups with an international focus on campus and in the Five College community. Please visit Hampshire's Student Group Page for more information about current student groups at Hampshire and how to get involved. An extensive list of Five College student groups, including language groups, can be found here. Or consider forming your own student group to bring your global interests and passion to the Hampshire campus. Please feel free to contact the global education office (GEO) and/or campus leadership and activities (CLA) for support in this endeavor!

GEO: Your navigational tool to the world!

You participated in a January/winter field course, so now consider a semester abroad. You went overseas in Div II, but have you thought about going back in Div III? Study abroad, intern abroad, volunteer abroad, work abroad, research abroad, grad school abroad, international grants and fellowships…whatever and wherever your interests are, you can go abroad again. Check out Sample Programs by Area of Study or come visit the GEO resource library.

Faculty: Research or Teaching Assistants

You may share common international research interests with Hampshire and Five College faculty who may be looking for research or teaching assistants. They may be knowledgeable about specific internships or research grants in the field, or might need assistance planning next year's short-term field course or semester-length program abroad.

SPARC: Job Search--Internships--Graduate school--International Research Grants and Fellowships

You understand the benefit of study abroad, but have you thought about how you are going to communicate the value of your experiences and the skills you have gained to prospective employers or in graduate school applications? Hampshire's SPARC (Supporting your Purpose through Action, Resources, and Connections) offers workshops and counseling to help you think through the connections between your academic studies and your career, internship, and grad school pursuits. In addition, SPARC offers advising for students interested in post-graduate fellowship and research opportunities abroad. This includes the Fulbright Program, Rhodes Scholarship, Marshall Scholarship, and others.

Upcoming Workshops, Sessions, and International Events

Please read the Daily Digest, check the GEO Calendar, and subscribe to the weekly listserv to learn about study abroad events and workshops.