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Merit Scholarships

Hampshire College awards a limited number of renewable scholarships, based on merit, to admission candidates demonstrating exceptional promise. Students applying to Hampshire do not need to submit any additional materials to be considered for a merit award; the admissions committee nominates qualified applicants to a scholarship committee that makes those decisions. Scholarship awards are included with offers of admission. Renewal of four-year scholarships is contingent upon maintaining satisfactory academic progress.



Arts In Action Award
To celebrate the talent and achievement in the arts (for all kinds of artists).

Community Engagement And Social Change Award
To celebrate students who can organize, mobilize, and bring people together for positive social change.

Emerging Scientist Award
To recognize achievement and promise in the sciences and related fields.

Humanitas Award
For excellence and promise in the humanities.

Inkwell Award
To celebrate promising and accomplished writers/creative writers.

Innovators Award
For entrepreneurs, inventors, design thinkers, problem-solvers, etc.

Non Satis Scire Award
For students that demonstrate academic excellence across disciplines.

Sustainable Futures Award
This award goes to students who demonstrate interest and activity geared toward sustainable thinking, planning, and design.



First Robotics
On a selective basis, Hampshire College awards scholarships to FIRST Robotics Team members who submit a FIRST Robotics scholarship application. FIRST Robotics awards are renewable; the maximum award is $10,000 per year, up to $40,000 for four years.



Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship
Scholarships are offered in amounts up to $15,000 per year

STEM Scholarship
Hampshire is able to offer a limited number of scholarships, sponsored by the National Science Foundation, to transfer students who wish to study STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) disciplines. The STEM Scholarship concentrates on providing opportunities to students transferring from community colleges that come from backgrounds that have been traditionally underrepresented in STEM fields, including women, students of color, and first-generation college students. The value of the STEM Scholarship is $10,000 per year.



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Colleges that Change Lives

Hampshire College is a member of Colleges that Change Lives, a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and support of a student-centered college search process.

"There are two reasons why Hampshire graduates achieve so much. One is the kind of person the college attracts. The other is what the college does for them by equipping them to become their own wide-ranging explorers and connection-seekers." —Loren Pope, Colleges that Change Lives (2006)