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Driving for the college


No one will be handed keys to any college vehicle without first meeting the following requirements.

To RESERVE a Hampshire College Pool Vehicle, you must:

  • Manage a Hampshire College departmental budget with a valid GL account number. Make sure to always use the object code 63070 for van reservations.
  • Have access to Colleague WebUI forms XPVR1 and XPVR2. If you need this access, please contact and we’ll put in an IT request.
  • Designate a credentialed driver on this form. Keys will only be given to listed drivers.

To DRIVE students in your own car or use a Hampshire College vehicle for any purpose, you must:

  • Complete the driver credentialing form and update each year.
  • Complete the Driver Safety Training for Hampshire College and re-take every five years.
  • Once you've finished the course you will come to a screen that reminds you to close out the course.
  • Select the "refresh dashboard" prompt. You will then be able to view your certificate of completion.
  • After completing the training, email and request that you be added to the database of registered drivers on campus. 

Anyone CHECKING OUT A VAN at the Campus Safety office MUST:

  • Be a credentialed, designated driver with a Hampshire ID and valid driver’s license. Your driver information credential form must be updated annually .Click here, and It is the first link on the list of requirements provided by Five College Risk Management.
  • Have a completes hard copy of the van checkout form with all required information and signatures. CSS staff will provide binder and key and escort you to vehicle for mileage, condition and passenger check. Signatures are required when checking out or in a van. Failure to sign off on checking condition of a returned van with CSS you waive your right to contest responsibility for any issues found.
  • Have hard copy of email auto sent to administrator who completes the reservation.
  • Have a general understanding of van protocol, rules and responsibilities contained in the pool vehicle handbook.


Stay In Touch
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