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Div I Advising

Division I

  • To complete Div I, students must finish seven academic courses including four out of five distribution areas  and three electives, which can be any course or supervised independent study in any school. Students must successfully complete a minimum of three academic courses a semester; four is preferred. 
  • Students are permitted to take Five College courses for electives; distributions must be completed at Hampshire. 
  • In addition to the seven academic courses, students must complete one or more campus-engaged learning activities (CEL-1) totaling a minimum of 40 hours, approximately equal to course contact hours. The appropriate CEL-1 will be determined in consultation with the tutorial advisor and activity sponsor. The student will document the fulfillment of the CEL-1 and include a reflection on it in the Division I retrospective essay.
  • After completing all the necessary courses as well as fulfilling the CEL-1, students pass Div I by: 1) writing a retrospective essay that describes their intellectual development during Div I, and 2) handing in a portfolio of selected Div I work. The advisor sets the specific conditions for the retrospective and portfolio (number of pages, format, etc.). Once the advisor receives materials (preferably at the end of the second semester, unless the student still needs to finish one or more of the eight requirements), they will schedule a final meeting with the student to discuss Div I, and then pass the student on the Hub and write an evaluation of the student's Div I performance.
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