Community-Engaged Learning (CEL-1)

Community-Engaged Learning (CEL-1)

CEL-1 is an academic requirement that encourages first-year students to meaningfully participate in campus community life. CEL-1 helps students find places of belonging. It deepens their understanding of and relationship to race and power. It prepares them for CEL-2, the Division II community-engaged learning requirement,  which encourages students to address community identified needs in ethical and reciprocal ways. Students complete a minimum of 40 hours of CEL-1 in Division I including a minimum of 10 hours focused on race and power. 

How to engage with and fulfill CEL-1?   

The main focus of CEL-1 is becoming an active part of the campus community. This happens in multiple ways: students can join student groups; participate in a Learning Collaborative; contribute to a campus community project; support their peers with an art installation or research project; and more!  

Race and Power

The race and power portion of CEL-1 can be fulfilled by attending and participating in Community Days of Learning (Oct 19, Nov 16, Feb 21, April 4), and other events that address race and power. 

Document and Reflect 

Students document and reflect on each of their CEL-1 experiences on heHub by going to Course/ Evaluations in the Division I Tab and clicking on Community-Engaged Learning - “Add Activity” on the left column. Students document and briefly reflect on each CEL-1 activity in this form. 

Completing CEL-1

Students must complete their CEL-1 in order to pass Division I. Students talk with their faculty advisor about how they are fulfilling CEL-1 throughout the year.  Faculty advisors can see students' CEL-1 documentation and reflection on TheHub and can offer feedback and suggestions during advising meetings. 

Students reflect on what they learned throughout CEL-1 in their Division I retrospective essay by addressing the following questions: How did you grow as a member of the Hampshire College community this year? How did your sense of yourself in relation to others grow and change? What understanding and skills did you gain about intersectional approaches to race and power from Community Days of Learning? How did that contribute to your participation in the campus community? 

CEL-I Opportunities

Not sure where to start? Here is some more information about the many CEL-1 opportunities happening this semester.

CEL-1 Activities 

Need Additional Guidance?   

Community Commons (CoCo)

Community Commons (CoCo) staff and peer facilitators are available to offer guidance on community engaged learning, summer internships, Community Days of Learning, and the learning collaboratives, among other things. CoCo is generally open the same hours as the Library. 

Have more questions? Get in touch!

For Transfer Students

Transfer students do not complete CEL-1 at the Division I level, but are required to complete CEL-2 at the Division II level.