Community-Engaged Learning (CEL-1)

Community-Engaged Learning (CEL-1)

Community-Engaged Learning (CEL-1) is an academic requirement that encourages first-year students to meaningfully participate in campus community life. CEL-1 helps students find places of belonging and deepen their understanding and relationship to race and power. It prepares them to pursue community-engaged learning opportunities that address community identified needs in ethical and reciprocal ways. Students complete a minimum of 40 hours of CEL-1 in Division I including a minimum of 10 hours focused on Race and Power. 

How Do I engage with and fulfill CEL-1?  

The main focus of CEL-1 is becoming an active part of the campus community which can happen in multiple ways. Students can join a student group or club, participate in a Learning Collaborative, contribute to a campus community project, support their peers with an art installation or research project, and more!  

Race and Power

The Race and Power portion of CEL-1 can be fulfilled by attending Hampshire's Engage! Conference and community days of learning among other race and power related events. 

Document and Reflect 

Students document and reflect on their CEL-1 experiences on TheHub. To access your documentation, navigate to TheHub and select Course/Divisional Evaluations in the Division I tab. Once there, select Community Engaged Learning and "Add Activity" in the left column. 

Completing CEL-1

Students must complete CEL-1 in order to pass Division I. Each student should speak with their faculty advisor about how they are fulfilling CEL-1 requirement. Faculty advisors can review their students' CEL-1 documentation and reflections on TheHub. What you learned through the CEL-1 process should be incorporated into your final Division I reflective essay. 

CEL-I Opportunities

Not sure where to start? Here are some options for the Spring 2023 semester.

CEL-1 Activities 

Need Additional Guidance?   

Have more questions? Get in touch!

Community Commons staf are available to offer guidance and connect you with a wide array of opportunities. 

For Transfer Students

Transfer students do not complete CEL-1 at the Division I level, but are required to complete CEL-2 at the Division II level.