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Procedures for Filing for Exchange

Students must work closely with the global education office and complete all application materials. A Hampshire College exchange form will be
issued to students if they have been accepted to an exchange program.

  •  A meeting with the advisor (Division II or Division III chair) who will be supervising the work during the exchange should occur at an early stage. If this is a Division III exchange, this planning meeting must be followed by a meeting with the Division III counselor in CASA, who can be reached at
  • After the project has been planned, it must be put in written form. A copy of the Division II concentration statement or a preliminary Division III plan should be attached. A written agreement between the student and the faculty supervisor outlining the obligations each is willing to undertake is an important part of the form. A statement about how and when the work will be evaluated should also be included.
  • Filing for exchange requires the signature of the following people: academic advisor; the housing coordinator; the manager of student accounts; the director of financial aid (for financial aid students); the director of global education (for students traveling outside the United States); and, finally, a dean in the Center for Academic Support and Advising.

Any exchange for which final approval has not been received will be canceled.

International Students

International students must consult with the international student advisor at regarding visa implications of exchange. The advisor is located in the Lebrón-Wiggins-Pran Cultural Center.


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