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To All Students on Leave, Field Study, or Exchange

At this time, we ask students currently away from Hampshire to indicate their enrollment plans for the upcoming semester. You can officially declare your plans on TheHub. We trust your time away was productive and rewarding, and we look forward to your return.

Failure to notify this office of your plans for future enrollment by April 5, 2019 will result in your withdrawal from Hampshire. Please do not hesitate to call CASA, the Center for Academic Support and Advising, to discuss any of the following: leave experiences, academic progress, possible areas of Division II and Division III, or any other academic situation that affects your plans for next semester. Call 413.559.5498 to speak with one of the deans.

Declaration of Intention: Find this form on TheHub under the Registration heading. You will receive an email confirmation once you have submitted the form.

Transcripts and Evaluations for Field Study and Exchange Programs: In order to record successful completion of your study away from campus for your Hampshire academic record and transcript, you need to obtain transcripts and/or evaluations from your field supervisor(s) or the institution you attended. Go to “Transcripts and Evaluations for Field Study and Exchange Programs” for information regarding the type of documentation required for an exchange program, a self-designed or course-based field study and the appropriate person or office at Hampshire to submit it to after you have completed the semester.

Housing: You must officially declare that you are returning in order to be assigned housing. The housing operations office will send an email to your Hampshire email address shortly after the enrollment notification deadline. The email will contain information about returning to campus, a link to the housing preference form, and information about applying for an exemption to the residency requirement. For more information, please click here. Questions can be directed to the HOO at or 413.559.5453.

Course Registration: After you have notified the College of your intention to return for the upcoming semester, central records will authorize you and assign you a time to begin registering on The Hub. Review the information on the course Pre-Registration page. Visit TheHub to view course listings and descriptions. Pay close attention to the start dates of Five College courses, since some of the other schools may begin up to a full week earlier than Hampshire.

For more information concerning course registration, contact central records at 413.559.5430. Email inquiries can be sent to Dottie Grimm at

Financial Aid Information: Please refer to the Financial Aid web page for more information.

Off-Campus Experience Report: Students are always looking for first-hand information about hands-on experiences. If you spent all or part of your time away from Hampshire participating in an internship, job, volunteer effort, or research project, please share your experience with other students by clicking here. Your insight might help others find an opportunity, inspire them to do something new, or alert them about important challenges. Questions about this form should be directed to the Career Options Resource Center at 413.559.5445 or To view reports from other students, click here.

Record of International Experience: Students want to know from other students what the abroad experience is really all about. Please share your life-changing experience with your peers by contacting GEO. This helps future Hampshire students find the abroad experience that is right for them! Questions about this form should be directed to the global education office (GEO) at 413.559.5542 or by email to

Vehicle Registration: You can register your vehicle on campus by downloading the forms at the campus safety and security websiteParking is limited. Do not delay.

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