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Transition from Div I to Div II

To Pass Division I

  • Complete seven evaluated courses:
    • One 100-level OR designated 200-level course in four of the five distribution areas:
      • Arts, Design, and Media (ADM)
      • Culture, Humanities, and Languages (CHL)
      • Mind, Brain, and Information (MBI)
      • Physical and Biological Sciences (PBSJ)
      • Power, Community, and Social Justice (PCSJ)
    • Three elective courses
  • Regarding cumulative skills, satisfactorily demonstrate:
    • Progress/proficiency in analytical writing and informed research practice
    • Progress/proficiency in quantitative skills
    • Engagement with multiple cultural perspectives
    • Progress/proficiency in the ability to successfully undertake independent work
  • Carry out at least one campus-engaged learning activity (CEL-1)
  • Do a retrospective essay
  • Submit a portfolio of work to your advisor
  • Have a final meeting with your Division I advisor

Division II Basics

  • A four semester process, with three semesters filed in your concentration with your committee
  • Includes work in your concentration AND other additional studies
  • Work in your concentration can include courses, field study in the U.S. or abroad, and other learning activities such as internships
  • Directed by a two-person faculty committee, one chair and one member
  • Committee chair becomes the academic advisor (unless you choose a different advisor)
  • Includes engagement with Multiple Cultural Perspectives (MCP):
    • Non-western perspectives
    • Race in the United States
    • How knowledge and power relate to these
  • Includes Community Engaged Learning (CEL-2)
  • Documented by a retrospective and portfolio

Good resources for learning more about Div II, checking the rules, and finding faculty member to serve on your committee are:

Moving toward Filing Your Division II

After the spring semester of your first year:

  • Fill in your Division II Intent Form on TheHub. A brief, clear description of your proposed area of concentration is all that is needed. Also, indicate if you would like to change your Division I advisor before filing your Division II contract. When you file your Division II contract, your Division II chair will become your advisor. (This form will be available on TheHub at the end of this spring semester.)
  • Begin drafting your Division II contract on TheHub, and talk with potential faculty members about serving as your Division II chair/advisor or committee member. (This form will be available on TheHub sometime early in the fall semester.)
  • If relevant, submit your application to the Film/Photo/Video; Theatre; or Writing Program to be assigned a Division II chair/advisor or committee member from these programs. (The deadline for these applications will be sometime in the early or mid fall semester.)
  • Once you have a Division II chair/advisor and a committee member who have agreed to serve on your committee, have them sign your Division II contract on TheHub.

The deadline for filing your Division II so that you can graduate in four years is not until early in your FOURTH semester: by Thursday, February 14, 2013. You must complete your Division II contract and have both your chair and member sign on to it on TheHub by that date. We recommend, however, that students file their Division II contracts as soon as possible after passing Division I.

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