Hampshire College Student and Faculty Meet

Wicked Important Dates and Deadlines for Faculty

Spring 2019

January 18                    Remind your advisees to complete ECkIn (Enrollment CheckIn) by February 15

January 20                    First day to add a 5-College course

January 22                    Hampshire Add/Drop begins

January 22                    Mount Holyoke and University of Massachusetts classes begin

January 23                    Hampshire classes begin

January 24                    Smith classes begin

January 28                    Amherst classes begin

January 30                    Div 1 & Div 2 Evals (passed in F18)

February 1                    Div 1 Passing (3rd semester students)

February 1                    Last date to add Hampshire courses on TheHub

February 1                    Last date to request Five College courses

February 8                    Last day to drop Hampshire and Five College courses on TheHub

February 8                    Last day to submit course registration forms to Central Records

February 11                  Div 3 final contract revision for May completion

February 14                  Advising Day: No Hampshire Classes

February 14                  Div 2 filing deadline (4th semester students)

February 14                  Div 2 passing (for Div 3 completion December 2019)

February 21                  Div 3 filing (for December 2019 completion)

February 27                  Mid-Semester Self-Evals: TheHub

March 1                         Hampshire Exchange Programs Application Deadline: GEO for info

March 1                         May/Summer Field Courses Application Deadline: GEO for info

March 6                         Mid-semester evaluations for Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 entrants

March 9-17                   S P R I N G   B R E A K

March 27                       Students submit Div 2 and Div 3 Committee Requests

March 27                       Advising Day: No Hampshire Classes

April 1                           Fall 2019 preregistration begins: Central records for info

April 5                           ***Field Study, Leave, Exchange Deadline***: CASA for info

April 8                           Last day to drop a class with a “W”

April 12                         5-C Course request period ends

April 22                         Div 3 student progress reports (December 2019 completion)

April 29                         Hampshire preregistration ends

April 30                        Classes end at Mount Holyoke

May 1                             Classes end at the University of Massachusetts

May 2                             Classes end at Hampshire and Smith

May 2                             Division 3 faculty progress reports for December 2019 completion

May 3                             Classes end at Amherst

May 3                             Division 3 pass for May 2019 completion (all work presented and completed)

May 6-10                       Advising/Progress Review: final project and portfolio submission

May 9                             Mount Holyoke Senior Grades due (noon)

May 13                           Faculty course completion summaries      

May 13                           Five College grades due

May 13                           Division 3 & Advanced Educational Activity evals for S19 due

May 18                           Commencement

June 15                          Spring term course evaluations

June 30                          Div 1 and Div 2 evaluations for Spring 2019 completion

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