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Hundreds of internship and volunteer opportunities are available in the Amherst area, and thousands are available nationally. Here are some of our favorite internship resources and links:


Hampshire's own internship and job database. Search for local and national opportunities, and opportunities offered by alums. "Jump" from here to the two databases described below. If you are a current student or recent alum, you already have an account. If you graduated before 2006, please contact CORC to get a HampLink account. Privacy Policy

Nationwide Internships Consortium (NIC)

Search thousands of internship opportunites that Hampshire shares with the seventeen other colleges. Search by industry, key word, zip code, paid/unpaid, and more! To get to this site, log into Hamplink and "jump to" NIC.

Liberal Arts Career Network (LACN)

Another national internship and job database similar to NIC: This is the database used by Smith, Oberlin, and other top liberal arts colleges. To get to this site, log into Hamplink and "jump to" LACN.

Lists thousands of national and international internship and volunteer opportunities with non-profit organizations and NGO's.

A great general internship database with thousands of paid, unpaid, local, national, and international opportunities. This site will email you internships that match your search criteria; just log in and go to "my saved searches." Free to register!

Internships for Students of Color

A page on our website with a great list of paid internship opportunities for students of color.

International Internships

Links to the global education office's directory of international internship and volunteer resources.

Links by Interest Area

A page on our website with hundreds of links in specific subject areas, including diversity links.

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