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Why Hire Hampshire?

Hampshire's self-designed curriculum inspires students to take initiative, be resourceful, and approach their life work with creativity and passion. As interns and employees, Hampshire students and alumni bring exceptional skills and qualities to your organization.

Emily Packer [Hampshire Intern, Summer 2013] completed her internship with extraordinary poise and outstanding efficiency… She was self-motivated, a creative thinker, learned from mistakes quickly, and took criticism perfectly. Emily is the rare blend of innovative outside-the-box thinking, and old-fashioned elbow-grease. It is refreshing to be able to completely rely on an intern.
-- Gabriel Bellman, San Francisco Frozen Film Festival

Post opportunities on HampLink

Hamplink, our job and internship database, makes it easy for you to post, manage, and edit positions for Hampshire students and alumni. This is the most efficient way to post.

1. Go to HampLink
2. Click "Register and Post a Position"
3. Follow the instructions

Your password will be assigned via email.

Please contact us at 413.559.5445 or for help.

Post Opportunities via Email

Internships and Volunteer Positions: Sharón Friedner,
Jobs and Post-Graduate Positions: Jena Schwartz,

To ensure that your listing is posted promptly, please include the following information in the body of the email:

  • Company/Organization name and description
  • Website
  • Position title
  • Location
  • Description and qualifications
  • How to apply
  • Deadline
  • Contact information (name, email, phone)


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