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Defensive Driving

The annual driver credentialing process is now entirely online.

All students, staff, and faculty who would like to driver Hampshire College-owned or -leased vehicles MUST be credentialed defensive drivers. Each time a vehicle reservation is requested, the status of the identified driver will be checked in the Five College Credentialed Driver database.

If you are already a credentialed defensive driver, and still meet the minimum driver qualifications, please update your information on the Five College Risk Management site. Follow steps 1-3.

If you would like to become a credentialed defensive driver, you must meet the minimum driver qualifications and adhere to the Driver Agreement to Terms, Conditions, Rules, and Regulations. You are also required to take an in-person defensive driving course through the Robert Crown Center. Follow steps 1-6.

  1. Go to the Risk Management Driver Credentialing site
  2. Review the minimum driver qualifications and the Driver Agreement to Terms, Conditions, Rules, and Regulations
  3. Create a login and complete the Driver Credentialing Form
  4. Attend a defensive driving course. Bring the confirmation email that you received when you created a login, your driver's license, and $10.
  5. After you have attended a defensive driving class, instructors will update your record to indicate the date the class was taken.
  6. Within 30 days of submitting your Driver Credentialing form, underwriters will check your motor vehicle records against our minimum requirements. If you are approved, your driver credentials will be valid for one year. You must re-new your credentials online each year.

*Please note: Students will no longer be required to obtain a copy of their driving records. This will be checked automatically by the College insurer. It will be assumed that you are an approved driver upon submission of your information. The College will be notified if the driving record review indicates that you do not meet minimum requirements, and your driving privileges will be suspended.

Defensive Driving Courses

All students, staff, and faculty driving College-owned or -leased vehicles MUST take the defensive driving course offered by the Robert Crown Center. These courses are advertised at the beginning of each semester. Check the RCC website or call 413.559.5470.

You must bring the confirmation email, your driver's license, and $10 to the course.

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