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Cole Science Center Laboratory Safety Manual

  1. Introduction
    1.1 Overview
    1.2 Elements of the Manual
    1.3 Objectives and Regulatory Basis of this Manual
    1.4 Roles and Responsibilities
    1.5 Enforcement
    Appendix 1-A: CSC Evening/Weekend Policy
  2. Emergency Planning and Procedures
    2.1 What to Do in the Event of an Accident or Emergency
    2.2 What to Do in the Event of a Chemical Spill
    2.3 What to Do in the Event of an Injury, Chemical Exposure, or Burn
    2.4 What to Do in the Event of a Fire
    2.5 What to Do in the Event of an Emergency Evacuation
    Appendix 2-A: Incident Report Form
    Appendix 2-B: Emergency Evacuation Procedures
    Appendix 2-C: Oxygen Sensor in the NMR Room
  3. Work with Hazardous Materials
    5.1 Flammable Chemicals
    5.2 Corrosive Chemicals
    5.3 Reactive Chemicals
    5.4 Compressed Gas
    5.5 Cryogenic Systems
    5.6 Acute Toxins
    5.7 Reproductive Toxins
    5.8 Select Carcinogens
    5.9 Summary of Particularly Hazardous Substances
    Appendix 5-A: First Aid Treatment for Hydrofluoric Acid Exposure
    Appendix 5-B: Notification of Use Form
    Appendix 5-C: Formaldehyde Fact Sheet
    Appendix 5-D: Examples of Known/Suspected Human Reproductive Toxins
    Appendix 5-E: Select Carcinogens
    Appendix 5-F: Summary of Particularly Hazardous Substances
  4. Record Keeping
    10.1 Inspection Reports
    10.2 Records of Training
    10.3 Accident, Injury, and Fire Reports
    10.4 Exposure and Medical Records




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