General Charges For Cleaning and Damages

Students are expected to act responsibly while attending Hampshire College. Deliberate destruction of College property will not be tolerated. If a room or common area incurs damage during the academic year, the resident of the room or all residents of the common area will be charged for the damage.

Under no circumstances are students permitted to paint their rooms or common areas. Failure to abide by this rule will result in charges for paint and labor to restore the room or common area to its original condition.

Students are required to sign a room and common area contract when they move in. These contracts should accurately reflect the conditions and furnishings of the area. All student rooms should have a full set of furniture when students arrive, and students will be charged for any missing furniture when they vacate. Students will be held accountable for any damage to their rooms, common areas, or furniture. More information on our policies can be found in the Vacating Rooms and Room Damages sections of the student handbook.

 Replacement Charges    Cleaning Charges  
 Bookcase  $150  Cooktop  $50
 Pedestal Unit (3 drawer)  $350  Oven  $50
 Bed frame  $250  Refrigerator  $50
 Desktop  $100  Carpet cleaning (bedroom or common area)  $100
 Mattress  $200  Dorm room cleaning  $50
 Dresser  $250  Common area cleaning  $25 per resident
 Swivel Chair  $100  Trash removal (bedroom; not furniture)  $25
 Waste and recycling bins  $35  Trash removal (common area; not furniture)  $50
 Mirror  $75    
 Loveseat  $200  Painting Charges-Minimum  
 Window screen  $100  Bedroom  $250
 Glass (window)  $300  Dorm hall  $400
 Fire door  $800 Ceiling  $100
 Light fixture and cover (must replace both)  $200  Patch and repairs (4 inches or less)  $50
 Thermostat  $125  Patch and repairs (more than 4 inches)  $100
 Smoke detector  $75  Common area  $350
 Curtain rod  $50    
 Window covering (shade or curtain)  $100  Early Arrivals  
 Floor tiles  $7/sq. foot  Early Arrival $35/night
 OneCard reader  $170-$290    
 Lockset  $250  Miscellaneous  
 Closer  $285  Door/frame  $1,000
 Panic device  $550  Interior door - hollow core  $400
 Kitchen cabinet door  $200    
 Space heater  $50  Carpet Replacement  
 Fridge shelf  $100  Bedroom  $300
 Fridge handle  $75  Common areas  $500
 Moving and Disposal Charges      
 Large pieces  $50    
 Small pieces  $30    
 Sleeper sofa  $300    


For the fall 2022 semester, houses close Friday, December 17, at 9pm. All residents must be completely moved out by this time. Keys must be returned to the Housing Operations Office by noon, or a late key charge of $50 will be assessed. A cumulative late-stay charge of $100 will be assessed per day a student stays after closing.