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Field Study Options

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What is Field Study?

The term "field study" at Hampshire refers to any academic work or study that must be conducted in a particular place ("field site") away from the College (international or domestic) and is not a Hampshire-sponsored Exchange Program. To explore the differences between Hampshire Field Study and Hampshire Exchange, please visit Global Opportunities

For general information on field study, please refer to the Academic Policies section of the student handbook or contact the Center for Academic Support and Advising (CASA). For instructions on documenting work completed while on field study, please refer to central records.


Students are eligible to go on field study during Division II and the first semester of Division III (program-specific restrictions may apply). In addition, students must be in good academic and disciplinary standing to qualify for a semester of field study. Detailed information on Hampshire eligibility requirements and policies is available under the Eligibility Requirements in the Exchange, Field Study, and Short-term Field Course section of the Hampshire College Handbook.

Costs and Financial Aid

Students are responsible for a field study fee equivalent to one-third of a Hampshire semester's tuition (refer to student financial services for fees), plus the cost of your program of interest.

Hampshire-issued aid is applicable to the field study fee, but cannot be used to cover outside program fees. All other aid (state, federal, and/or private) is transferable, but you should check with your program provider for details regarding what types of aid they are able to accept. Please visit the financial aid office's website for details on how to apply for financial aid for field study.


Students interested in international field study opportunities work with their faculty committees and the global education office (GEO) to devise the international experience most applicable to the student's concentration. This may mean enrollment in an overseas university or with a study-abroad program provider. It might also take the form of a self-designed semester of field research. The GEO offers advising and resource support to assist students in evaluating international field study opportunities.

After identifying the option that best meets their individual goals, students will need to visit CASA to discuss their field study plans and go through the process of applying for field study. For more information on applying for field study, please review the "Apply for Field Study" section under Application Procedures.

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What's New in GEO?

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