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International Student Exchange Program (ISEP)

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International Student Exchange Program (ISEP)

Mel Mel Sukekawa-Mooring 09F with friends at Yoyogi Park
Photo by Mel Mel Sukekawa-Mooring F'09, Spring 2012. ISEP-Direct Tokyo International University

Location: Worldwide
Term: Fall semester, spring semester, academic year
Type of Program: Full-time university enrollment
Language of Instruction: English and/or host language; varies by host institution
Fields of Study: Unlimited! Options across the arts, humanities, business and STEM fields; varies by host institution
Prerequisites: Varies by host institution

Through ISEP Exchange or ISEP Direct programs participants are enrolled in courses at an ISEP member institution and are fully immersed in the host university. This model facilitates intercultural competence and broadens academic understanding as students engage in a curriculum presented through perspectives different from their home countries. These programs are differentiated by their financial structures, chance of placement, and application deadlines. ISEP also offers Intern Abroad programs in 8 different countries during either the summer or semester.

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ISEP Exchange

ISEP Exchange programs allow participants to swap spots with a student from another ISEP Exchange institution as an international student. ISEP Exchange follows the Hampshire Exchange structure, whereby students pay tuition and fees to Hampshire, making the cost of study abroad comparable to a semester on campus. Applicants choose up to 10 universities and are placed at the best option, depending on exchange space and academic needs. More information on the ISEP Exchange program can be found at ISEP Study Abroad Types, Fees & Deadlines

ISEP Direct

ISEP Direct programs guarantee that applicants get to study at the university of their choice while offering students the ability to customize their study abroad experience to meet their needs. ISEP Direct follows the Hampshire Course-based Field Study structure, whereby students pay Hampshire a field study fee and are also responsible for paying ISEP Direct tuition and fees. Many ISEP Direct placements offer high-quality academic programs for a very reasonable price. More information on the ISEP Direct program can be found at ISEP Study Abroad Types, Fees, and Deadlines.

ISEP Intern Abroad

Spend a summer or semester interning abroad in 1 of 10 different cities around the world.  Develop practical experience in your field of interest as well as critical intercultural skills.  ISEP's Intern Abroad programs offer customized internship placement, guaranteed housing, and helpful on-site support for a very reasonable fee. Students can choose to earn a full semester of credit (follows the Hampshire Course-based Field Study structure) or incorporate an ISEP internship in a Self-designed Field Study. More information on ISEP's internship options can be found at ISEP Intern Abroad.


  • Africa and Middle East: Botswana, Ghana, Morocco, Senegal, South Africa, United Arab Emirates
  • Asia-Pacific: Australia, China, Fiji, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam
  • Europe: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, England UK, Estonia, Finland, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, N. Ireland UK, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Scotland UK, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland
  • North America and Caribbean: Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico
  • South America: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay 

*ISEP locations subject to change


Housing and Meals

Housing is provided by the ISEP host institution either on campus (student residence halls or apartments) or in a local homestay. Housing and meal options vary by program.


ISEP programs are open to Division II Hampshire College students. Some placements are restricted to third-year undergraduate students. Review detailed information on eligibility requirements and policies in the Hampshire College Handbook under Exchange, Field Study, and Short-term Field Courses.

Questions? Contact the ISEP coordinator in GEO:

Katie Irwin


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