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Jonathan Lash Commencement

Faculty Named Endowed Chairs

Hampshire's most precious educational resource is its committed faculty. Support to recognize and retain our faculty with Named Endowed Faculty Chairs is a sound investment in sustaining excellence.

We seek to engage a new generation of Hampshire philanthropists to name and endow at least one professorship for each of the five academic schools at a funding level of $2.5M for a new chair and $1.5M to name an existing position.

Some examples of these professorships:

Jonathan Lash Endowed Chair in Environmental Education and Sustainability: To honor the legacy of Jonathan Lash's remarkable tenure, the College is establishing the Jonathan Lash Endowed Chair in Environmental Education and Sustainability. Environmental education promotes an environmentally literate and concerned populace who can leverage science concepts and evidence from reliable resources when engaging in political and social action, decision-making, and everyday discourse.

SHIFT Professor of Ethics and the Common Good: This chair is held by George Fourlas, assistant professor of applied ethics and the common good.

Charles Taylor Endowed Chair of Integrated Sciences and Humanities: Established by trustee emeritus Charles H. Taylor to support faculty at Hampshire College to pursue integrated scholarship in the sciences and the humanities. This chair is held by Salman Hameed, assistant professor of integrated science and humanities.

Rosamond Stewardson Taylor Endowed Chair of Religion Comparative Religion: Established in honor of Rosamond Stewardson Taylor to support faculty at Hampshire College to pursue the humane interdisciplinary, non-doctrine scholarship in teaching of religions and history. This chair is held by Alan Hodder, professor of comparative religion.

Marilyn Levin Professorship: Established in honor of Marilyn Levin to support an appointed senior faculty member eligible for a term of three to five years. Includes an annual discretionary fund for use in curriculum and professional development. This chair is held by Karen Koehler, professor of architectural and art history.

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