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Intentional Housing Communities

Residence Life and Housing is committed to supporting and complementing the academic program with the goal of creating a holistic environment that encourages collaboration, connections, learning, and personal growth. It is with this goal in mind that intentional housing communities were established.

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Intentional housing communities are living spaces in which the residents have chosen to come together around a particular area of interest that will contribute to and cultivate the campus's culture of learning. They work together with a faculty or staff advisor to educate themselves and the larger community about their areas of interest. Students who elect to reside in these spaces can expect to gain meaningful relationships with one another, lasting connections with staff and faculty, access to greater campus resources, and sense of pride in their community.

All IHCs are required to host two (2) educational initiatives each semester. An educational initiative can be anything that increases knowledge about the community’s area of interest. It can be hosting a discussion, creating a blog, screening a film, or displaying thought-provoking artwork on the Magic Board. The audience can be as large as the Five College community or as small as the IHC group. Once the event is over, the IHC must submit a IHC Educational Initiative Evaluation. Evaluations are due no later than one week after the event. The ability to continue these communities is contingent upon groups hosting these events, participating in administrative aspects of the selection process, and having continued demonstrated interest from the community. Any questions about planning or organization of educational initiatives can be directed to the associate director of residence life and housing, an area coordinator, or an RA. Questions about starting a new IHC or how to maintain an existing IHC should be directed to the Housing Operations Office.

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Intentional Housing Communities for 2020-2021

Greenhouse Mod: A place for growing plants and food, learning about environmental sustainability, and for events that bring the Hampshire community together. These students care for and maintain the Enfield Greenhouse.

Ultimate Frisbee: Our goal is to be a community resource that promotes the growth of the Ultimate Frisbee on Hampshire campus. We wish to promote the values of the importance of teamwork and improvement (on an individual and community scale), along with a strong emphasis on sportsmanship, which in Ultimate is known as "the Spirit of the Game."

Upcycling Mod: A mod that will work to integrate art and sustainability in the Hampshire community by educating students on the importance of reusing and repurposing, and organizing a series of sustainable art projects and events.

Mindfulness Mod: A space in which students will support one another to be mindful and cultivate moment-by-moment, non-judgmental, focused attention and awareness.

Kosher Mod: A Kosher living space. All students are welcome to apply, regardless of religious affiliation. Unlike other IHCs, the Kosher Mod is an institutionally-designated space and students must re-apply each year to ensure we are meeting the needs of the whole community.

Applications for the 2020-2021 academic year will open in early March and close in early April (check the important dates and deadlines page for upcoming deadlines). Students may apply to multiple communities, but can only accept an invitation to one. All applications will be reviewed by a committee composed of current residents and Residence Life and Housing staff members. Invitations to chosen applicants will be sent via Hampshire email addresses. Upon receiving an invitation, applicants will have a specified timeframe (can be as short as 48 hours during the spring room choosing process) to respond confirming their placement, or will forfeit the offer.

Living and Learning Communities are intentional housing communities that are open only to students in their first year at Hampshire, and must be applied for during the new student housing process.

Requirements for Maintaining an Intentional Housing Community

Each IHC must select a contact person who will act as a facilitator and liaison with the HOO throughout the summer and academic year. This person will be responsible for communicating with the HOO and ensuring the IHC is completing all requirements. The contact person's attendance at an informational meeting each semester is mandatory. 

IHCs are required to implement two educational initiatives each semester. During the spring semester, at least one must take place before March 1 in order for the IHC to be eligible to accept new applications for the following year. An educational initiative can be anything that increases knowledge about the intentional housing community’s area of interest and furthers the mission of the community. Past initiatives have included discussions, film screenings, art shows, open houses, and community meals. The audience can be as large as the Five College community or as small as the group. Residents must submit a brief evaluation form within one week of the event (a link to the evaluation form will be provided by the HOO via Hampshire email to all members of intentional housing communities). Evaluations will describe the type of event, how it was promoted, how it furthered the mission of the housing community, and how successful it was. 

If spaces become available over the summer, the HOO, in coordination with the contact person, will attempt to fill them with alternates. If no alternates were listed, or those listed no longer wish to live in the IHC, the HOO will attempt to fill spaces through an application process in coordination with the contact person. The HOO, however, reserves the right to place interested students in vacancies if deemed administratively necessary.

IHCs should work actively with the HOO to recruit new members whenever vacancies arise during the year. In order to continue as an IHC, groups will need to participate in the spring room choosing process.

Failure to meet any of these requirements will result in loss of the space at the end of the academic year. IHCs that do not complete any educational initiatives during the fall semester may lose their status at the end of that semester.

New Intentional Housing Communities for the 2020-2021 Academic Year

Two new Intentional Housing Communities have been allowed for the 2020-2021 academic year. Students interested in living in these communities are encouraged to apply. However, unlike the other IHCs, these Mod placements are not pre-lottery, and therefore students need to go through the Housing Lottery to gain a mod. Filling out the application for these spaces lets us know who is interested and who to reach out to.

Creative Healing House [To Be Determined] (Via Lottery): "Our mission is to seek alternative healing practices through art, spirituality, community, and mostly each other. As people of color on campus, we find that white notions of self care are often put upon us making our own creativity from within repressed. We value centering each other's experiences as a vulnerable state of connection, break down the hierarchies of communication through circle practices, and being support systems for one another."

In Recovery Mod [To Be Determined] (Via Lottery): The “In Recovery” Mod is a housing community that has existed before that we’re interested in starting again. In the past, it has been a space for folks in recovery and folks trying to be in recovery from substances. It's a sub-lite, if not sub-free, space, depending on the residents' preferences. Recovery looks different for everyone and it’s a goal to hold a space without judgement for the way you choose to recover. It’s not to police recovery. No one will get kicked out just for relapsing; this is a space that is meant to support folks in general.

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