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New Parent Transition Program

Change is stressful. And having a baby changes everything.

But you can learn how to manage successfully this amazing transition and thrive in every area of your life. Your success is inevitable when your life is balanced and you are fulfilled.

The New Parent Transition Program is for new parents of natural or adoptive children, and features phone consultations with a family management coach regarding life with your new baby and how you can feel more supported and less anxious about this transition in your life. Working with the coach, you will develop strategies aimed at:

  • Planning and preparing your return to work
  • Putting in place support systems to integrate your personal and professional responsibilities throughout this transition
  • Transitioning back to work: Ease your way back and ensure that you remain balanced, not burned out. Let off steam in a supportive and confidential consultation.

For additional information, or to initiate the service, please contact e4Health at 800.828.6025.

New parent transition program brochure

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