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Tuition Benefits Summary

Educational Opportunities for Employees and Spouses

The College is committed to assisting employees and their spouses wishing to further their education to increase their competence in their present positions, or to prepare for advancement in the future by allowing them to enroll in one Hampshire College course tuition-free per semester. 


Benefit-eligible employees (.75 - 1.00 FTE) may enroll in Hampshire College courses for academic credit. Enrollment will be on a "space available" basis. An employee must complete one full year of consecutive service at the College prior to participation in this plan (first day of classes) if enrollment in a course requires release time. This one-year waiting period will be waived if a course takes place outside the employee's scheduled work hours and involves no disruption within his/her office or department.


Benefit-eligible employees may enroll in one course per semester tuition-free. Under this plan, there will be no charge for the usual application and registration fees. The employee will be responsible, however, for laboratory fees, music performance fees, etc. as well as books and other course materials.

A spouse (or eligible domestic partner) of an employee may enroll in one Hampshire course per term with the approval of the course instructor. The same fees/costs apply as with employees. 

Course Attendance During Work Hours

Full-time staff members are not required to make up the time spent in the classroom; part-time staff members, however, are required to make up the time. Approval must be obtained in advance from the budget manager to ensure adequate office coverage is maintained. Time off or rearrangement of schedule to attend a course during work hours will be granted at the discretion of the department head based on the work load and schedule in the office or department. Interruption or rearrangement of work hours will be granted for only one course per semester and will not exceed four hours per week.

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Degree Program for College Employees

Employees who qualify may enroll in the College's bachelor of arts degree program tuition-free.


This program is available to employees who have been employed full-time (.75 - 1.00 FTE) at the College for two years. The employee must qualify academically and be officially admitted by the admissions office. Participants will proceed through the educational process as regular students. With the exception of the one course per semester permitted under the Education Opportunities for Employees and Spouses policy, it is understood that all additional study required will be on the individual's own time. 


Eligible employees will pay a fee to be determined by the admissions office for the initial evaluation of their application and their previous work experience. As in the Educational Opportunities for Employees and Spouses plan, the registration fee will be waived, but the employee will pay all other fees (i.e. laboratory fees, music performance fees, etc.) and for his/her books and other course materials.

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Tuition Remission for Dependent Children

Dependent children of College employees with a full time equivalent (FTE) of .75- 1.0 will be eligible for the full tuition benefit for their dependent children. Benefits-eligible employees with an FTE of .5 - .74 will be eligible for a pro-rated benefit based on their FTE. Please refer to the Employee Policy Manual for complete information on the Tuition Remission benefit.


After one year of continuous service from date of their benefits eligibility, all full-time employees may apply for the tuition remission benefit for one or more dependents.


The tuition remission benefit provides full tuition remission, excluding all fees and room and board. The total of all scholarship funds received by each dependent may not exceed tuition for the year. Dependent children must make a reasonable effort to secure other scholarship funds.

The program is limited to four academic years (need not be consecutive), or until the dependent child earns a bachelor's degree, whichever occurs first.

An employee who separates from employment for any reason while his or her child is enrolled at the College will be expected to reimburse the College for the full tuition of any semester that was not at least 50% complete at the time of his or her separation.


The Tuition Remission Application must be completed each semester and submitted to the human resources office for processing. It is recommended that the form be completed before the beginning of each semester. The employee will be required to complete a separate application for each dependent. The employee will be required to supply proof of the dependent's age (i.e. driver's license, birth certificate, etc.) and official verification that the child is a dependent (copy of the most recent tax return).

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Tuition Grant for Dependent Children

Tuition assistance for post-secondary undergraduate education in a degree or certificate program is available to the dependent children of full-time benefited (.75 - 1.00 FTE) College employees. 

Tuition assistance in the amount of $2,000 per dependent child is available each academic year. This benefit is limited to four academic years (eight semesters), until the child earns a bachelor's degree, or reaches the age of 25, whichever occurs first. 

Tuition assistance is limited to $4,000 for each Hampshire family in any academic year.

Beginning the fall semester of 2014, payments will be granted in the full $1,000 amount for tuition or other IRS “qualified expenses.” Details of qualified expenses can be found on the IRS website at


This benefit is available after one year of full-time employment at the College. Dependent children of employees who are participating in one of Hampshire's tuition exchange programs are not eligible for a tuition grant.

The institution must be any post-secondary institution (including junior/community, trade, technical, or secretarial college) that is an accredited institution, recognized candidate for accreditation, correspondent of an appropriate accrediting agency, or otherwise approved by Hampshire College.


The Tuition Grant Application must be submitted to the human resources office for processing. The employee will be required to complete a separate application for each dependent. The employee will be required to supply a copy of the current bill, a one-time proof of the dependent's age (i.e. driver's license, birth certificate, etc.), and official verification that the child is a dependent (copy of the most recent tax return).

At the beginning of each semester for which the employee is requesting this benefit, the employee must submit documentation indicating that the dependent completed the previous semester. If the employee realizes that she or he has used the payment for non-qualified expenses, the employee should inform the human resources office by December 1 of the calendar year of receipt so that those funds can be taxed. Payments for the spring semester will be paid after January 1 of the spring semester year to allow the employee to report a change in tax status within the same tax year. 

Please refer to the Human Resources News and Policy Updates page for the complete Tuition Grant Policy revision.

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Tuition Exchange Program (TEP)

Hampshire College is a member of the Tuition Exchange Program (TEP), a private consortium of colleges and universities nationwide that offers tuition exchange scholarships to children of employees of member institutions. Hampshire College offers the children of eligible employees an opportunity to apply for tuition exchange scholarships for full-time study at other participating institutions. A current listing of participating institutions can be found at

Tuition Exchange Program (TEP) Guidelines for Hampshire College Employees will provide helpful information in addition to this website.

The Tuition Exchange Program is not available for graduate or professional study, non-degree study, or work toward a second undergraduate degree. Scholarships will be awarded for full time undergraduate study, which is defined as a minimum of 12 hours per semester or 24 hours per academic year.

Applicable Definitions

  • Eligible Dependent: The dependent child of a full-time, benefit-eligible (1.0 FTE) employee who has completed 1 year of continuous full-time employment by the TEP application priority deadline is eligible to apply for the TEP. Should an employee complete 1 year of continuous full-time employment after the priority deadline but before May 31, that person may submit the application after the employment anniversary date for submission to the TEP waiting list for that year.
  • Dependent Child: A dependent child is any natural, adopted, or stepchild of an employee, an employee's spouse, or an employee's same-sex and opposite-sex domestic partner. The child must be unmarried and under age 24 and must be claimed as an employee's dependent for tax purposes in the most recent calendar year: the employee must expect to claim that dependent child in the current calendar year. TEP benefit is available to the eligible dependent child of a deceased employee who dies while employed by Hampshire College for one year after the death of the employee. The TEP Scholarship is limited to one eligible dependent child participant per family in any given academic year.
  • Student: The eligible dependent child who currently attends a TEP institution, or has applied to and has been accepted for full-time, undergraduate study at a college or university that participates in the TEP, is considered a student.

Maximum Scholarship: For those applying for a TEP scholarship from Hampshire ("imports"), the scholarship is available for a maximum of four years (8 semesters) of full-time undergraduate study. Hampshire College determines acceptance of the TEP application and the amount of the scholarship. The TEP scholarship covers up to full tuition or an optional amount above that set amount. The scholarship may be reduced by other grant aid that a student receives. The TEP Scholarship is limited to one child participant per family in a given academic year. The maximum scholarship awarded for attendance at another institution may vary. Information is available on the TEP website at

Deadline: As some schools have early deadline dates, the Tuition Exchange Program applications should be submitted to human resources as early as possible, with December 3, 2021 the priority deadline date for the 2022-2023 academic year. Future years may have an earlier priority deadline. Those applications received by the priority deadline will be considered in order of years of continuous service and will be submitted as exports in the open export slots that may be available in that order. Late applications will be placed on a waiting list in order of years of service, and may be considered for open slots should those submitted as of the priority deadline not take export slots. An eligible dependent child must be re-certified by the employee each year by Hampshire College. Please complete the Employee Tuition Exchange Program Export Application and submit to human resources for processing.

Application Selection: Eligibility for the Tuition Exchange Program does not guarantee that an application will be selected for submission or that the school of choice will award a scholarship. All eligible Hampshire employees interested in the TEP should be reminded that this is an opportunity and not a benefit, as many factors may limit participation by the College in the program in any given year.

Combination with other Hampshire Benefits: This benefit may not be combined with the Hampshire Tuition Grant program.

Application Procedure for the TEP Scholarship

The employee needs to research the participating institutions on the TEP web page at

The employee needs to complete an Employee Tuition Exchange Program Export Application, available online and in the human resources office. 

The employee should contact the tuition exchange liaison officers at the colleges and universities the dependent child may be considering for admission to ask the following questions:

  • How many scholarships will be awarded?
  • What are the criteria used to award scholarship?
  • What is the dollar value of the scholarship?
  • Is preference given to Early Decision admission?
  • When is award notification sent out?
  • What are the requirements for renewal?

The student should apply to the TEP institution.

The Hampshire College employee should submit the completed Employee Tuition Exchange Program Export Application to the human resources office for processing. Those submitted by the priority deadline date will be given first round consideration for submission to the TEP. After that submission, all applications will move to a waiting list in order of year of continuous full-time employment at Hampshire.

Notification of scholarship varies from institution to institution. Many colleges and universities notify applicants shortly after admission, while others wait until April 1. Your dependent child will be notified of admission and/or a tuition exchange scholarship directly from the awarding institution.

Guidelines for Selecting TEP Applicants

The number of available TEP scholarships is based on an evaluation of "imports" and "exports" according to the TEP guidelines. If the number of eligible applicants exceeds the number of TEP scholarships available, applications will be selected on the following priority:

First priority will be given to applicants based on employment seniority based on length of continuous full-time, benefits-eligible service (1.0 FTE) at Hampshire College.

Among applicants whose parents have the same length of seniority, a determination will be based on a lottery, which will be administered by the human resources office. Decisions by Hampshire College human resources are final and not subject to the grievance policy.

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Tuition Exchange Program Guidelines (pdf)

This website is intended as a general overview of Hampshire College benefits plans only. Every effort has been made to summarize these programs accurately. In all cases, the actual provisions of each benefit plan will govern if there is any inconsistency between this site and Hampshire's formal plans or contracts.

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