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A Documentary History of Hampshire College, Vol. 3: 1985-1995

Compiled and edited by Susan A. Dayall


This third volume of the Documentary History of Hampshire College covers a period of new initiatives, controversies and (as always) struggle. A new President, Gregory S. Prince, undertook a number of exciting new projects, issues of censorship and political correctness emerged on campus, and the continuing struggle to increase the diversity of Hampshire's population generated two building occupations by student groups. It was also a time when Hampshire reached its 25th anniversary, and discovered a renewed interest in its own history. Memories of founding fathers (and mothers) were captured in oral history interviews, some of which are represented here. Through it all, Hampshire continued to examine and redefine itself, reaffirming core values but finding new ways to implement them.

I hope I have compiled a set of documents from the College Archives that illuminate some of the many aspects of this decade at Hampshire College.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Hampshire College: Planning and Review
    Self-Study Report (1987)
    Long-Range Planning Meeting (1991)
    Budget Task Force (1993)
    Constitutional Review Committee (1993)

Chapter 2. Views from Outside
    NEASC Visiting Team's Report (1987)
    What's New at Frisbee U. (1990)
    The Courage and Vision to Experiment (1990)

Chapter 3. Some Presidential Initiatives
    National Service is Everybody's Business (1993)  
    The Spirit of Invention (1994)
    The New Home of the National Yiddish Book Center (1994)
    Hampshire Graphic Identity Program (1994)

Chapter 4. Reflections on Hampshire's Origins
    Interview with Calvin Plimpton (1986)
    Interview with Robert C. Birney (1986)
    Interview with David Truman (1986)
    The Origin of Division I Exams (1989)

Chapter 5. Faculty Concerns
    Day in the Lab at Hampshire College (1989)
    PC at Hampshire College (1991)
    The Making of a School of Cultural Studies (1992)
    Faculty Workload Taskforce Report (1993)

Chapter 6. Hampshire Staff
    Bob Stiles (1986)
    Workforce Management Plan (1990)
    Workplace Democracy (1990)
    Ruth Hammen (1990)
Chapter 7. Student Affairs
    Application for Admission (1980)
    Vandalism Memo (1991)
    Student Affairs Task Force Report (1992)
    Power Outages (1993)

Chapter 8. Student Protests
    Occupation of Dakin Master's House by SOURCe (1988)
    Open Rhetoric--Leah Cohen (1988)
    Occupation of Cole Science Center (1992)
    Students of the Transparency Persuasion Demands (1992)

Chapter 9. Increasing Diversity
    Change Team (1988)
    In Pursuit of Multicultural Diversity (1988)
    Making a Difference: the James Baldwin Scholars Program (1994)

Chapter 10. Student Activism
    Student Workers Coalition (1988)
    Community Work Program Proposal (1991)
    Sexpression/X-Plicit Players (1992)
    The Yurt (1995)

Chapter 11. Hampshire Space: Landuse and Facilities Planning
    Report of the Facilities Planning Committee (1987)
    Hampshire College Master Plan (1992)
    Building the Perfect Beast (1995)



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