Five College Accommodations

Please see all of the relevant information linked or included below by downloading our complete Guide to Hampshire Five-College Accommodations (pdf).

Visit our about us page to learn more about contacting OARS and the staff with whom you'll work. Visit the finding us page to learn about logistics to find OARS.

Whether you are a Hampshire student taking courses at another institution, or you are taking a course at Hampshire, you will need to use the Five College Off-Campus Accommodation Request Form.

Download Five College form (PDF Format)

Download Five College Form (Word Format)

Disclosure Process

Drop-in Hours

There are a wide range of drop-in hours at the start of the semester; these are the best times to submit quickly your accommodation letters from your home school and leave with copies of letters for your Hampshire class(es). If you would like to discuss your accommodations and applying them to your Hampshire course, there will be a few minutes to do so during drop-in hours, which are 15-minute appointments.

Please call 413.559.5498 or email ( to confirm drop-in hours.

Drop-in hours are on Fridays from 1-3 p.m. throughout the semester, but more are added at the start of the semester.

Schedule an Appointment

If you cannot come to drop-in hours or need more time than a drop-in session allows, you can call or stop in to schedule an appointment. Email is not an efficient way for appointment scheduling, but if it is necessary to communicate via email, let us know in your message, so we do not redirect you otherwise.

Accommodation Request Drop-off

If you do not have any questions and do not need to meet with OARS staff at all, you can drop off your Five-College Accommodation Form and/or home school’s accommodation letter during business hours. You will be contacted at your school email address when your letters are ready to pick up (usually within two business days).

It is recommended that you only forego meeting if you have had a meeting in the past and/or taken Hampshire courses.

Accommodation process

Accommodation Letters

Students will receive two copies of accommodation letters for each class at Hampshire. One copy is for the professor to keep and the other should be signed by the student and professor and returned to OARS once you are both satisfied of the plan to implement accommodations to the course. Please see the example accommodation letter below for formatting. Your specific accommodations will depend on the accommodations approved at your home institution.

OARS will reach out to students’ home institution if we have questions about whether the way we administer accommodations will effectively meet the students’ needs.

Accommodation Letter Example (pdf)

Hampshire Students taking Five College courses

For Hampshire students who are taking Five College classes, pick up your Hampshire accommodation letters at the front desk of CASA at any time. Please ask OARS to print a copy of your Hampshire accommodation letter and the Five College Accommodation Form (linked above) for each Five College institution where you are planning to take classes. If you have questions, see instructions about drop-in hours and scheduling appointments above.

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