Staff Voluntary Furlough Program

Non-exempt (hourly) and exempt staff may sign up for a voluntary unpaid time-off program that allows unpaid time off to be taken during the year. The Voluntary Furlough Program is completely voluntary and is for staff who find a personal benefit in having unpaid time off.

The Voluntary Furlough Program allows staff to elect up to 30 unpaid days off at one time.  Non-exempt staff (those paid bi-weekly) can take time ½ day increments.  Exempt staff (those paid monthly) must take time in full-day increments.  All voluntary furloughs must have supervisor approval.  During a furlough day (or ½ day) an employee may not perform any work for the College.

Participants have the option to withdraw from the program with advance notice to their supervisors. Voluntary Furlough Program time-off pay deductions may be spread over 6 pay periods for non-exempt staff and 3 pay periods for exempt staff. There is no deadline for requesting furlough time; however, the signed and approved paperwork should be in the payroll office at least two weeks before the furlough time is taken.

Program descriptions and the forms necessary to participate in the Voluntary Furlough Program are available here on the human resources website and available in the human resources office. Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about this program are also here on the website and in human resources. Any effect on benefits is also detailed in the program descriptions and FAQs.

Anyone with questions about the Voluntary Furlough Program may call human resources for more information and assistance.