Space Scheduling

Event services is responsible for reserving and contracting most space at Hampshire College. Using the campus reservation system, Ad Astra, our staff provides assistance with the selection of appropriate space based on the type of meeting or event, anticipated attendance, and required support services.

Space Reservation Policies and Procedures: 

Space is typically reserved on a first-come-first-served basis. Approval is subject to space availability and restrictions based on academic course-scheduling, the designated purpose of a specific space, and/or restrictions associated with a requester’s relationship to the College. The College reserves the right to withhold approval of any requested space and/or equipment, establish financial charges for said use, reassign any space if necessary, or impose any requirements related to safety, security, or maintenance.

Specific space reservation policies and procedures are as follows:

  1. College Grounds: Use of College grounds for organized events requires the approval of Event Services, Campus Safety and Wellbeing, and/or Outdoor Programs Recreation and Athletics (OPRA). Requests must be made at least 10 business days in advance of the event.
  2. College Facilities: Use of College facilities, whether for formal or informal purposes requires the approval of event services and/or the appropriate department responsible for a specific space. Requests must be made at least 10 business days in advance of the event.
  3. Contracts: Some facilities require signed contracts and/or agreements and supporting materials prior to any event taking place on the Hampshire College campus. In such cases, a facility will NOT be considered reserved before the appropriate documents are signed and returned to the approver 10 business days prior to the event (unless waived by event services). Requesters should not invite guests or publicize events until a reservation confirmation is received.
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  4. Service Requests and Equipment Reservation: All services and/or equipment necessary for an event should be requested through event services within 5 business days of the event (e.g. tables, chairs, podiums, staging, audio-visual needs, grills, event signage and parking details). Exceptions to the 5 day advance notification may be fulfilled; however, event sponsors should bear in mind that not all services may be available on such short notice. Please note that weekend events and events where attendance is anticipated to be larger than 150 people require a 10 businessday advance notification.
  5. Class Scheduling: All academic classes are scheduled by the office of central records. Faculty who wish to move a regular meeting location of any course must contact central records to arrange the change. Academic course scheduling has first-priority and may result in black-outs in space availability and/or bumping of existing reservations. In such instances, event services will work with all parties to resolve the conflict.
  6. College Employees: College employees looking to request space for non-College groups or activities may not do so under their department’s name, or under their own name as a College employee. These bookings must be made under the name of the non-College group, which will be charged according to the pricing tier with which they are associated.
  7. Damages: The responsible party accepts full financial responsibility for any damage done to the property and/or violation of policies as outlined in this document. Security deposits in the amount of $350 may be required for special events, large conferences, or summer camps where a variety of facilities and services are being used and/or event attendance exceeds 200 persons. The $350 damage/security deposit is not the limitation as to the amount that can be charged should damages occur. Damage/security deposits may be in the form of personal check, cashier’s check, or money order. Hampshire College will hold the deposit and will be returned upon physical inspection of the site following the event. Hampshire College is not responsible for loss or damage to any merchandise and/or articles brought or left on the property.
  8. Liability Insurance: External clients may be required to provided proof of and/or obtain occurrence-based liability insurance unless specifically waived by the College. Individuals or groups without insurance can contact any insurance agent and arrange a policy for the event or utilize URMIA TULIP the University Risk Management and Insurance Association (URMIA) Tenant and User Liability Policy (TULIP). All persons, groups or organizations using Hampshire College facilities may access this program to purchase insurance coverage for their events on campus by logging onto their website:
  9. Additional Terms of Use and College Policies: All users of Hampshire College facilities and grounds are subject to Hampshire College's general policies. This includes Hampshire’s non-smoking policy, alcohol policy, non-discrimination policy, and sexual harassment policy.
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