Purchasing Cards

The College has partnered with JPMorgan Chase as its credit card provider. This College-provided credit card is to be used for all purchases under $1,000 as well as for travel and entertainment expenses. Using a purchasing card for small, frequent purchases rather than requesting paper checks greatly simplifies the payment process and results in savings in administrative costs. This program also mitigates the environmental impact of the College's activities by reducing paper use.  

To request a purchasing card, please print the p-card application via the link below and forward the completed form (both pages) to the purchasing department (mail code: PG).

The purchasing card user guide is available via the link above. Please carefully read the user guide. Contact the purchasing department at ext. 5405 or by email at purchasing@hampshire.edu for further explanation of the card program and with any other questions or concerns.

P-Card Application

Import Schedule

Tips for Success: Documenting your purchase card