Facilities & Grounds Projects

The Department of Facilities and Grounds is excited to share a brief overview of our Summer 2022 projects with the Hampshire College community. Please note that projects are subject to delay due to contractor or supplier issues, but in the case of delay Facilities will work to minimize disruption.

Outdoor Tennis Court Refurbishment

Facilities and OPRA are undertaking a joint project this summer to resurface the outdoor tennis courts and refresh the amenities (picnic area, water fountain, etc.) in this area. The courts will be down for maintenance for a few weeks in July and August, but we’re excited to welcome the Hampshire College community to an improved amenity this Fall!

Targeted Improvements to the Solar Canopy

In collaboration with CoSAA (Collective of Students Affected by Ableism), the Facilities department is making targeted repairs to improve access to the solar canopy and the Arts Village buildings it serves. This work consists of replacing worn, loose, and degraded pavement elements, and adding design elements to the solar canopy poles to increase visibility in low light. The design elements will also add future gallery space to display student work.

The Grounds department is also doing work to stabilize and beautify the landscape berms in the Arts Village/solar canopy area, removing invasive species and reseeding/replanting with low-maintenance, drought resistant plantings.

Door Opener Upgrades

Facilities is working on making the door openers campus-wide more usable and reliable, by:

  • Ordering maintenance/troubleshooting stickers for all push pad openers.
  • Adding push pad openers to door openers in public areas currently serviced only by remote (ASH and Cole Science now have restrooms that are fully accessible to the community and visitors).
  • Evaluating and adjusting the timing on door openers, when needed.
  • Exploring options to update our door opener remote system, and giving access to door opener remotes to admissions, event services, and HR in order to serve our visitors and employees as well as our students.

The Hampshire community is asked to help us by:

  1. reporting door openers that are not working properly,
  2. not obstructing or obscuring door openers (with flyers, etc.),
  3. ensuring that accessible doors are kept unlocked for the full building hours, and
  4. being mindful of interior obstructions, such as classrooms packed tight with furniture and objects placed in hallways. Posting current building hours at all entrances is also helpful to our community, as it allows users to know when the building is simply closed and there is not a technical issue with the door opener.

Dorm Window Coverings Upgrade

Facilities and Housing are collaborating on a phased update of the window coverings in Dakin and Merrill dorms. We will utilize existing window covering hardware, but will replace the current curtains with more functional (light and solar gain reducing) ones. For Fall 2022, we are aiming to welcome students on the first floor of Dakin wings D, E, F, and G with the upgraded window coverings, and will solicit student feedback before continuing the project in the summer of 2023.

Robert Crown Center Roof Replacement

To ensure continuity of service in this important building, the roof of the Robert Crown Center will be replaced in early to mid August of 2022. The work has been sequenced to be complete by new student move-in, and Facilities is working closely with OPRA to minimize disruptions.  Please pardon our mess, as materials storage and clean-up may extend beyond the core project timeline.

Prescott Tavern Refresh

Facilities and Student Life are working together to resume full use of Prescott Tavern in the fall. The Tavern will be re-opening (again!) as a vibrant programming space and the center of Student Life in Prescott. Stay tuned for details!

Prescott Landscaping and Mod Work

Facilities, in collaboration with housing, will be updating the landscaping and signage at the Prescott House mods late this summer to improve the residential experience. The community should be aware that this work may include some traffic calming measures on the wide pathways currently utilized by service vehicles in the area of Prescott House.

Facilities will also be adding designated accessible unit parking for the accessible mods in Prescott House. Please note that some of this parking will be in lots designated for staff and faculty; to preserve access for our students, please do *not* obstruct these spaces.

Facilities is also working to renovate units 90-101 to improve functionality and access. Unit 92 (accessible) will be refreshed over the summer and made available for student use in the fall (with designated parking added), in collaboration with CoSAA. The remaining units are being evaluated by an architect, with plans to be finalized soon.