Making Corrections to your SAR

There are several reasons why you would make a correction to your FAFSA report.

  1. After reviewing your Student Aid Report you determine that some information needs to be corrected.
  2. After completing federal tax returns you want to update the FAFSA data.
  3. You need to electronically sign the FAFSA form.
  4. You want to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool on the FAFSA to update your financial data.
  5. The financial aid office requested that you make a correction to your FAFSA. This may include information such as a parent's personal data, which we may not know.

To make a correction to your FAFSA report, log into the FAFSA website (click on the Log In button in the Returning User section on the first page). After logging in you will see a link to make corrections. Follow the instructions and make the necessary corrections. Be sure to click on the Submit button to electronically sign the FAFSA accepting the corrections. You will then receive a Congratulations message indicating that the corrections were saved and submitted for processing.

Hampshire College's financial aid office will receive a new FAFSA report including the corrected items within a few business days.

If you need assistance making corrections to your FAFSA, please call 1.800.433.3243.