Your CSS Profile Report

Information on CSS Profiles

Who needs to complete the CSS Profile?

  • International and undocumented applicants must complete the CSS Profile;
  • If you are applying to start Hampshire for the fall of 2023 or spring of 2024, then you must complete the 2023-2024 CSS Profile; you will not be asked to submit a Profile for a subsequent year.

Log onto your online financial aid account to confirm that the profile, and non-custodial profile, if applicable, is required for your financial aid application. Click on the My Documents tab to view your required and missing documents. If the CSS Profile is listed with a Status of Not Received then you need to complete the Profile.  NOTE: If you are not planning to apply for institutional need-based aid, this form is not required; please notify the financial aid office if this is the case.

To begin the Profile process, visit the College Board website. More information about the Profile is provided below.

Questions? Contact CSS customer support at 844.202.0524 (Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Eastern Time (with extended hours from 8 a.m.-10 p.m., January through April) or email

What is the Profile?

The CSS Profile is an online form that collects information used by Hampshire College to award institutional funds to international and undocumented admissions applicants. If your parents are divorced or never married and not living together, your non-custodial parent will also be required to submit the Non-custodial Parent Profile (see below for more information). 

What does the Profile cost?

The fee for the initial application and one college report is $25. Additional reports are $16 each. Payment may be made via credit or debit card. 

Are fee waivers available?

Unfortunately we do not have fee waivers to offer.

What is Hampshire College's Profile School Code:

Our school code for the Profile is 3447. Use this code to request a report to be sent to Hampshire College.

Tips to completing the Profile:

  • If your parents are divorced or separated, you and your custodial parent should complete the Profile. The custodial parent(s) are the parent or parents with whom the student has lived the most during the 12 months prior to filing the application. If the applicant has spent an equal amount of time in both parents' households during the past year, then the custodial parent is the parent who provided the most financial support during this period.
  • Gather the following data before filling out the application for the Profile:  copy of your and your parent(s)' tax forms and other records of money earned; records of untaxed income and benefits; current bank statements; current mortgage information; records of savings, stocks, bonds, trusts, and other investments; and your non-custodial parent's email address, if applicable.
  • Submit your completed application. You will be prompted to complete any required fields that were left blank; it will note any possible discrepancies and allow for a final review of the data. You cannot change the data online after submitting it.
  • Save your Profile acknowledgement for your records. A copy of your acknowledgement can be used to provide updates directly to your colleges and programs if updates are necessary.

Non-custodial Profile:

If your biological or adoptive parents are divorced, separated, or never married and not living together, your non-custodial parent will need to complete the Non-custodial Profile. You will be given an opportunity at the time you complete the Profile to enter the non-custodial parent's e-mail address.  CSS will send your parent instructions on how to complete and submit the Non-custodial Profile.  Please have your parent's email address available at that time, as this is your only opportunity to have the College Board notify your parent on your behalf.

Non-custodial parents are not required to complete the Non-custodial Profile for renewal applications, but may request a review of their income when significant changes have occurred. Please contact the financial aid office for details. First-time financial aid applications will require the Non-custodial Profile, if applicable.

If you have a reason why the non-custodial parent Profile should be waived for your aid application, you may submit a Petition to waive the non-custodial parent form for us to review.  This form is available on our forms page