Student Financial Services

A Hampshire College Student

The student financial services office handles financial aid and student accounts, and is designed to meet the wide range of financing needs of our students and parents.

Financial Aid

Handles grants, scholarships, student and parent loans, and student employment, and can be reached at 413.559.5484. Staff members are listed below.

Student Accounts

Handles tuition and fee charges, billing and payment options, and refunds, and can be reached at 413.559.6982. Staff members are listed below. 

Financial Aid Staff

  • Jennifer Garratt Lawton, director
  • Jean Berg, assistant director
  • Lori Gould, assistant director
  • Janel Johnson, student employment coordinator
  • Andy Korenewsky, senior assistant director
  • Louise Hodges, receptionist

Student Accounts Staff

  • Christine Speek, bursar
  • Donna Thompson, accounts receivable assistant
  • Gloria Reyes, accounts receivable assistant
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