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Saturday (3/6)

Noon Keynote: Vanessa Rochelle Lewis & Friends

Title: Queer Liberation Is A Spiritual Practice: Why We MUST Center Kindness In Our Movement Spaces Today & How To Do It With Intelligence & Self-Care

Description: The world is shifting at a chaotic and exponential pace. Everyday, we are encountering more and more unknowns, and without intentional room for collaborative visioning, community care, and intentional pleasure, those unknowns can facilitate justifiable feelings of terror, hopelessness, and isolation. It is clear that we need creative, inclusive, and gentle queer movement spaces – ones that provide softer landing grounds for healing and liberation – now more than ever. But, in order to create those spaces, we must recognize, prioritize, and truly honor kindness as an intellectual and sacred liberatory practice. Please join Vanessa Lewis & The Reclaim UGLY team for a passionate, healing, and experiential exploration on how to use our juicy imaginations, intentional kindness, and yesterday's hard-won wisdom to transform today's unknown into a playground of healing possibility, love building, and the queer paradise that can serve and support us all. 

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