Trans Symposium


Trans Symposium: Trans Futures

Saturday, November 19, 2016
Hampshire College, Franklin Paterson Hall

The Trans Futurity Symposium aims to be a space for community organizing, personal growth, and education. In the face of a dominant narrative that trans people’s lives will be short and brutal, we want to imagine trans futures as full of vitality and love, and as infinitely varied as trans people. We want to promote the voices of our more marginalized trans siblings: black, brown, transfeminine, disabled, poor, undocumented, and incarcerated. Within our space of growth and education, we want to foster organizing and connecting, especially when trans people and communities are presently so isolated. In reunderstanding ourselves within a future, we simultaneously aim to preserve community history, to better understand collective trauma, reopen and maintain lines of dialogue with our histories, nurture intergenerational conversations, closed spaces, and various community resources.

Keynote Speaker


Ruby Corado (born in San Salvador, El Salvador) is an activist who founded Casa Ruby, the only bilingual, multicultural LGBT organization in Washington, D.C.Casa Ruby opened in 2012; it identifies its mission as "to create success life stories among Transgender, Gender Queer, and Gender Non-conforming Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual people.

Plenary Speaker

Precious Davis finds deep meaning in engaging individuals in conversations surrounding bias, bigotry, and prejudice in their communities on the basis and belief that humans can coexist with one another positively through the embracing of each other’s differences and the celebrating of each other's human diversity.

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