Race and Power

The Race and Power throughline reflects the College’s commitment to anti-racism and is incorporated throughout each divisional level.
Arow with words Race and Power

The Race and Power throughline provides students with tools for developing a sustained engagement with historical and contemporary conceptions of race and opportunities to deepen their understanding of processes of racialization in both local and global contexts. At each divisional level, there are multiple ways to satisfy the requirement, including coursework, project based work, service, and field study.

What you might learn by engaging with issues of race and power:

  • Understand your personal racial identity
  • Be able to communicate across difference
  • Understand how race informs power structures so you can begin to change them

In Division I, you first year seminar will address issues of race and power as will the Community Education programming that you must attend as part of your Community-Engaged Learning-1 requirement. There are also ample opportunities as well to take other courses tagged as “Race and Power” and to attend other programming (e.g. from the (In)Justice Learning Collaborative).