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Regular Programs, Observations, and Celebrations

Spiritual Life offers many regular programs and faith-based observations throughout the year. We also celebrate a diverse range of holidays! Everyone is welcome and encouraged to get involved!

Recurring Events (Fall 2019–Spring 2020)

Most programs and events, unless otherwise indicated, take place in the Merrill and Dakin Living Room, the Enfield Prayer Room, or the Spiritual Life Center (Greenwich Donut 5). The Spiritual Life Center houses a diverse library of religious and faith-oriented texts, and serves as a designated space for group discussions and for the celebration of religious diversity. If you or your group would like to hold a meeting there, please contact Maria Cartagena at      

Spiritual Counseling and Mentoring

Come talk to us if you would like help dealing with the crises and transitions of life. Our spiritual counseling and support is individual and completely confidential.

Mindfulness and Meditation

20 Minutes Still

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4:30–5 p.m.
Spiritual Life Center (Donut 5)

Whether you are a meditation master or a beginner practitioner, you will appreciate this 20-minutes sitting meditation. As you sit, relax, and refocus, you become more aware of your body sensations, thoughts, and emotions, and gradually begin to unbind your hearts and live more joyful lives!

Community Mindfulness Lunch

Fridays, Noon–1 p.m. (9/24, 10/17, 11/22, 12/19, 1/31, 2/28, and 4/3)
Dakin Living Room

Practicing mindfulness can help relieve stress, increase resilience, and foster a greater sense of clarity as we navigate life's ups and downs. Come share a meal and learn about mindfulness (beyond the media hype), and also have a chance to experience it. These practices are non-religious and are designed for people with little or no experience, but will also be relevant for people with a lot of experience. Practices may include mindful eating, gentle movement, and guided meditation, depending on what seems needed in the moment.

This program is led by Sharón Friedner, meditation and yoga instructor and Associate Director of CORC.

Multifaith Programs

Our Multifaith Council offers many additional opportunities throughout the year for students, staff, and faculty to get involved in multifaith dialogues!

Blessing of the Hands

Friday, 9/13, 5–7 p.m., Solar Canopy

Blessing of the Hands is a symbol of healing, wellness, and strength. Whether you are religious or non-religious, you are welcome to join this ceremony and start your academic year with lots of blessings! The ritual is brief, lasting only a moment or two but can be a powerful and meaningful lasting experience to those who receive it!

Spiritual Journey Lunch Series

Fridays, Noon–1 p.m., Merrill Living Room

Come listen to staff, faculty, and alums share the share the twists and turns of where they have sought and found meaning in their lives!

9/20 Maria Cartagena, Manager of Diversity and Inclusion Initiative

10/4 Djola Branner, Vice President for Student Affairs

11/15 Ed Wingenbach, President

3/6 Sue Darlington, Professor of Anthropology and Asian Studies

Multifaith Feast: Giving Thanks

Friday, 11/22, 6:30–8 p.m., Dakin Living Room

Celebrate religious and spiritual diversity on campus over a delicious meal with our Multi-Faith Council! All are welcome regardless of religious background.

Dial A Donut 

Thursday, 3/5, @5–7 p.m.

Text with any question about spiritual practice or belief, religious life at Hampshire, a delivery location, and donut request (glazed/frosted/vegan) and we'll bring you a free donut and share thoughts from a variety of perspectives!

Observations and Celebrations (all are welcome)


Our Jewish Student Union (JSU) is committed to serving Jewish students on campus by providing spiritual and cultural programming to help Jewish individuals consider the possibilities of what it means to be Jewish, explore the varieties of Jewish experience, and deepen their connection to Judaism and to their identities and personal relation to spirituality. Join the JSU email list to get the most up-to-date information about upcoming events.

Weekly Shabbat (involves chanting and meditation followed by traditional blessings and a delicious home-cooked vegetarian meal)

Fridays, 5:30–6:30 p.m., Merrill Living Room

Rosh Hashanah: Celebrate the birthday of the world!

Sunday, 9/29, 5 p.m., Red Barn

Yom Kippur Dinner

Wednesday, 10/8, 6 p.m., Merrill Living Room



Hanukah: the festival of light


Tu B’Sh’vat (the new year of the trees)

Sunday, 2/9, 5:30–7 p.m., Red Barn

Celebrate the New Year of the Trees! Come read love poetry to the trees and all of nature. Play music and sing with the trees. Feast on the tree's fruits. This event is open to all

Purim (the topsy turvy day, when the Jews were saved from annihilation by Esther)

Monday 3/9–Tuesday 3/10, 5:30 p.m., Merrill Living Room

Remote Passover (EARTH) Seder:

Friday 4/8, 6 p.m., Virtual Gathering

This Seder will be guided by Ellen's new Passover Haggadah, The Promise of the Land. A Digital version of the Haggadah is available HERE.  Wishing you all a sweet, safe, and meaningful Passover!

A Circle of Gratitude

Wednesday, 5/13, 5:30–7 p.m., Virtual Gathering

Protestant and Roman Catholic

Weekly Prayer and Fellowship

Thursdays, 5:30 p.m., Dakin Living Room

Worship Service with Communion

Every Last Thursday of the Month, 6 p.m., Dakin Living Room

Christian Nature & Prayer Walk

Wednesday, 9/25, 4:30 p.m., Meet at patio between Merrill Living Room and Dakin Living Room

Advent Candlelight Service

Thursday, 12/12, 6 p.m., Merrill Living Room

Ash Wednesday

Wednesday, 2/26, Noon-1 p.m., Merrill Living Room

Maundy Thursday to Good Friday

Thursday, 4/9, 4 p.m., Virtual Gathering


Jumu'ah Prayer

Fridays, 1–2 p.m., Enfield Prayer Room

Eid Dinner

Friday, 6–8 p.m., Prescott Tavern

The Evolution in Islam by Dr. Salman Hameed

Friday, 2/21, 5–6:30 p.m., Dakin Living Room 

Five College Game Night & Mixer

Saturday, 3/7, 6–8 p.m., R.W. Kern Center

Hampshire College Muslim Students Association is excited to host the Five College Mixer and Game Night for this year. Come meet MSA folks from all the five colleges and play some fun games.


Diwali Night: The Festival of Lights 

Thursday, 11/14, 6:30–9 p.m., Red Barn  

Diwali is a festival that celebrates the triumph of Good over Evil. The festival breaks all barriers of age, gender, class to be celebrated by one and all in unison. We will be celebrating this event with Diwali puja, dance performances by five college student groups, and delicious food!

Desi Café

Friday, 2/29, 5–7 p.m., Merrill Living Room


Last week of April, Details TBD


Tibetan Buddhist Studies

Saturdays, 4:30–6:30 p.m., Dakin Living Room

In collaboration with Jampel Nyingpo Ling (Essence of Wisdom), a center for Tibetan Buddhist studies, Hampshire Spiritual Life Office sponsors a biweekly program which includes Tibetan Buddhist teaching, meditation practice, discussion, and tea-time. This program will be taught by Geshe Ngawang Singey. Geshe Ngawang was born in Tibet and left at age 17 to enter Sera Jey Monastery in south India, receiving novice and ordination vows from His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

September 14, September 28 and October 12

The Seven-Point Cause and Effect Method, from the Maitreya/Asanga tradition:  recognizing all beings as our mothers, recollecting their kindness, repaying their kindness, generating loving-kindness, extending compassion, taking responsibility, and aspiring to awaken our minds in order to help others  

October 26, November 9 and November 23

Equalizing and Exchanging Oneself with Others, from the Manjushri/Nagarjuna tradition: cultivating equanimity, considering the disadvantages of self-cherishing and the advantages of appreciating others, exchanging self with others, and taking and giving (tong-len)

December 7:  Review and discussion of the two methods for generating the awakening mind

February 22, March 7, March 28, April 11, April 25, May 9 and May 23: Mind and Mental Factors

Beginning with the definition of mind as mere clarity and awareness -- the individual, subjective mental activity of experiencing things – Geshe Ngawang will explore the Buddha’s discovery that the “I” we all identify with exists, but merely as an imputation based on a continuity of ever changing moments of experiencing ever changing things. Various ways of our being aware of something will be identified: primary consciousnesses (eye, ear, nose, tongue, body and mind consciousnesses) mental factors (subsidiary awarenesses, or specific ways of being aware of something) and reflexive awareness. Textual materials will be made available by reference or handout.

Neo-Pagan and Earth Based

Full Moon Gathering

Every Full Moon of the Month, Spiritual Life Center

Fall Equinox

Monday, 9/23, Spiritual Life Center

Spooky Stories by Candlelight

10/31 (Halloween), 6 p.m., Spiritual Life Center

Winter Solstice

Saturday, 12/21

Tarot and Astrology Night

Friday, 3/6, 5–7 p.m., Spiritual Life Center

Join us in the Spiritual Life Donut for a casual space to exchange tarot readings and astrology readings.

Spring Equinox

Wednesday, 3/20

Forest Therapy Walks 

Details: TBD 

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