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2017 Division III Showcase

Friday, May 19, 1:00-4:10 p.m.

Franklin Patterson Hall (FPH), Adele Simmons Hall (ASH), and Jerome Leibling Center

1:00-1:30 p.m.

Cray Novick
A Place Called Revolution
FPH 102

Erika Tai
The Adoptive, the Biological, and the Real: Transnational Adoptees’ Notions of Kinship, Culture, and Identity
FPH 103

Elise Khanijao
Women's Bodies and our gaze: The One with the Fat Jokes
FPH 104

IonaPearl Reid-Eaton
When IT Happens to You: Title IX and Sexual Violence on College Campuses
FPH 105

Andrea Wong
Maladaptive Perfectionism, Disguised Distress, and Help Seeking in the Culture of "Saving Face": Links to Anxiety and Depressive Symptoms among Asian Youth
FPH 106

Deidre Kelly
Maternal-Fetal Conflict in the United States
FPH 108

Joe Anderson
Passing Gas: The role of political and economic power in the fracking boom

Michael Fizdale
Towards a Systematic Philosophy of Pollination Ecology

Aidan Owens
Different Drummers (Vovovo Vufola): A Musical Celebration of Diversity
ASH 111

Claire Herrmann
Birth Outside the Binaries: Unsexing and Degendering the Pregnant Body
ASH 112

Sophia Shaw
Marxism, Midwives, and Medicine
ASH 222

1:40-2:10 p.m.

Erika Miranda
Rethinking the Technocrat: Toward an Alternative Approach to Development
FPH 101

Jonathan Kittell-Queller
His Excellency's Chef
FPH 103

Maorr Zadok
The Gift of Stories
FPH 104

Lily Blazina
Bodies, Rites and Therapy: Therapeutic Implications of Dance and Rites of Passage During Adolescence
FPH 105

Meghan McGarry
Using Event-Rated Potentials to Explore Performativity; A Study on Speech Acts
FPH 106

Dineen O’Rourke
Empowering the Next Generation of Climate Leaders at the United Nations and Beyond
FPH 108

Molly Baer
Educating The Whole Child: Early Childhood Education With An Emphasis In The Intersectionalities Of Using Arts As Educational And Therapeutic Technique.
Sara Berliner
Leading, Learning, and Liberatory Pedagogy

Xiang Li
Securing the Future of Connected Vehicles
ASH 111

2:20-2:50 p.m.

Miranda Wiley
Transforming Community Arts Spaces into Sites of Transgressive and Holistic Learning: A Pedagogical Framework
FPH 101

Scott Miller
The Multitudinously Opportunistic Design of a Space Where Rock Climbing Occurs
FPH 102

Maia Holloway
Why Laugh at Jokes When There are White People: The Epistemology of Race and Racism in Stand-Up Comedy
FPH 103

Flannery Weiss
Beyond Comprehensive: A Proposition for Federal Education Policy on Sexual Health
FPH 104

Toni Stone
(Neo) Slave Narratives: Writing Prison Abolition and Community Accountability into Practice
FPH 105

Natalie Erickson
"A Good Deal of Feeling:" The Emotional and Devotional History of a 19th Century American Female Missionary
FPH 106

Rhett Courser
Fabrication as process art: Building the Proletariat Chariot
FPH 107

Lily Bartle
Subliterature: The Aesthetics and Politics of Authorship in The Work of Marcel Broodthaers
FPH 108

Suhilah Booker
Creative Movement and Child Development: A Guide for Educators in Early Childhood Education

Grusha Prasad
The P600 for singular 'they': How the brain reacts when John decides to treat themselves to sushi

3:00-3:30 p.m.

Carly Naughton
My Body is Not a Metaphor: Art, Disability, and Objectification
FPH 101

Noah Foster
Disrupting Genre: Queer and Trans Life-Writing
FPH 102

Julia Rauch
Effect of Histamine on Peripheral Nerve Regeneration
FPH 104

Emma John
An Army of Incompetents: Exploring the Servant Problem in New England, 1860-1915
FPH 105

Lan Phuong Nguyen
Study of the Electrothermal Model of a Superconducting Nanowire Single-Photon Detector
FPH 106

Ande Clemens
The Radical Cartography of Lead (Pb)
FPH 107

Maggie Rosenberg
So Cute You'll Eat It Up!: Cuteness As a Consumable Performance of Femininity in Pop Music
FPH 108

Kira deCoudres
Methods of Ontological Remix

Alex Dorr
Mycoremediation: Using Fungi To Degrade Toxic Wastes

Adam Blaustein Rejto
Exploring Origins of Life: Life Before DNA
ASH 111

Rose Carr
Haptos Proprio (One's Own Is Palpable)
Liebling Bill Brand Screening Room 120

3:40-4:10 p.m.

Ivy Vance
Fiber Craft: Aesthetic and Artistic Strategies
FPH 101

Cynthia Belanger
Small-Scale Wetland Restoration Project
FPH 102

Maggie Samuels
Analyzing Shifts in Turkish Nationalism Through Computational Text Analysis Methods
FPH 103

Nell Kochenburger
Sexual Consent: Defining, Training, and Morality
FPH 104

Lee Graves
Wild Yeast Ecology: Isolation and Characterization of Prospective Brewing Cultures
FPH 105

Ella Goodine Richardson
The Spectacle of the Parade: Art, Garments and Politics
FPH 106

Merlyne Mesidor
Asthma in African Americans
FPH 107

Namrata Jacob
Birthing Belonging: Reproductive Control, the Hyde Amendment, and the Devaluation of Racial Bodies
FPH 108

Isaiah Mann
GlowLime Games: Collaborative Game Development

Charisse DelVecchio
American Disconnect and the Protective Role of Ethnic Group Attachment
ASH 111

Forrest Jackson
A Proper Place for Dogs: Shaping bodies and building relationships with America's favorite pet
ASH 112

Peter Thomsen
Insurgent Design: Architectural Critique through Installation
ASH 222

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