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2018 Division III Showcase

Friday, May 18

1:00-1:30 p.m.

Dana Maple Feeney
Ecological Landscape Design: A Call to Action
Keywords: Ecological Landscape Design
FPH 101

Cole Fishman
Misunderstanding Chekhov: Humor, Irony, Religion
Keywords: Russian, Irony, Philosophy
FPH 102

Leah Hahn
The Legacy of Carrie Buck: Race and Coercive Sterilization in the US
Keywords: Race, Reproductive Justice, Sterilization
FPH 103

Grant Holub-Moorman
Coffee Farmers’ Livelihoods and Perceptions
Keywords: Economies, Gender, Research Ethics
FPH 104

Kamil Mirza
Coexistence of the Eastern Red-backed Salamander (Plethodon cinereus) with Conspecifics and Ground Dwelling Invertebrates
Keywords: A behavioral study on guild relationships
FPH 105

Ben Betts
Shape of Sound
Keywords: Music, vibration, harmony
FPH 106

Lindsay Moon
Leaders Beyond Positions: Power, Disconnection, and Recovering
FPH 107

Asa Needle
The viral and the virulent: conceptualizing the alt-right as white identity formation
Keywords: Internet, ethics, race
FPH 108

Margaret Tyer
Prions and the Cultural Significance of Disease
Keywords: Culture, medicine

Emily Park Jordan
Fantasy and Fiction: Narratives of Family, Self-Discovery, and Transition in Film and Creative Writing
Keywords: Writing, Film, Narrative

1:40-2:10 p.m.

Taylor Porco
The Three Frequencies of White Supremacy: Composing a World Beyond the Carceral State
Keywords: Prison state studies, sound studies
FPH 101

T.X. Watson
Memetic Engines of Anticapitalism
Keywords: Philosophy, art, communications
FPH 102

Nancy Michaud
How to Love a Wild Thing
Keywords: Making art to understand stories
FPH 103

Josie Eilertsen
An Exploration of How People Learn from Buildings: Through a Case Study of the R. W. Kern Center
Keywords: Learning, Architecture, Sustainable
FPH 104

Julia Gil
Abnormal Behavior in Africa Elephants: The Psychology Behind Psychosis
Keywords: Elephants, Abnormal Behavior, Psychology
FPH 105

Maggie Bowen
Keywords: Education, Critical Pedagogy, Dialogue with students
FPH 107

Zandra Sante
Trans Identity Development
Keywords: Transgender Identity Development
FPH 108

Caroline Steen
Revolutionary Lives: A Comparative Analysis of Ding Ling and Alexandra Kollontai
Keywords: China, Russia, women’s history

Lisa Caspari
A Dingo Ate My Baby, But Who Needs a Baby When I Have a Dingo?
Keywords: Animal-assisted interventions

2:20-2:50 p.m.

Bar Kolodny
Justice & Peace in and between the United States, Palestine and Israel: The role of critical pedagogical and narrative production projects in grassroots organizing
Keywords: Grassroots conflict resolution
FPH 101

Jazlyn Kraft
Meditations on Self and The Waves
Keywords: Philosophy, Virginia Woolf, selfhood
FPH 102

Alexa Wolf
The Therapeutic Nature of Animals
Keywords: Assistance animals; psychology; animal behavior
FPH 103

Augie Brinker
Modeling the Impacts of Solar Arrays on Hydrology: Evapotranspiration, Surface Runoff, and Percolation
Keywords: Climate Change, Solar, Hydrology
FPH 104

Haley Holsather
Eine Insel in Leerer Luft: (Dis)continuous Encounters with Negative Space in Post-Reunification Berlin
Keywords: Ethnography, visual culture
FPH 105

Tess O'Day
The Embodied Landscape: Experiences of Displacement in Urban America
Keywords: Cities, somatic
FPH 106

Doma Ghale
Evaluating Fairness and Transparency in decision models for predicting Recidivism
Keywords: Bias Accuracy Model
FPH 107

Leila Kaplan
How to Know where I Am: Explorations in the Relationship between Body and Place
Keywords: Embodied knowledge, place-learning
FPH 108

Benjamin Stumpf
The Whiteness of Watching: Surveillant Citizenship in the United States, 1965-1999
Keywords: Surveillance, Race, American Studies

Sophie Andrews
The Spirit's in the Spine

3:00-3:30 p.m.

Brooke Fitzgerald
From Data Science to Neuroscience Making the Brain Visual and Accessible
Keywords: Visualization, Web-Based Communication
FPH 101

Aidan Alice West
HampQuest: A Hampshire Role Playing Game for the Purpose of Community Engagement Through Play
Keywords: Games, Education, New Student Life
FPH 102

Michael D'Aquila
Shifting Soil: Collaborative Appropriate Implement Design for a Specific Stale Seedbed System
Keywords: Design, Fabrication, Collaboration
FPH 103

Andrew McDonald
Leadership, Agency, Unity: The "Islamic State" in the Political Theology of Mawdudi, Khomeini, and Raziq
Keywords: "Political Islam," "Islamic Statehood," "Political Theology"
FPH 104

Graciela Rodriguez Carmona
"What are you?" Archiving Caches of Lived Experiences
Keywords: Reflexive, memory, de-colonial
FPH 105

Hannah Trobaugh
There's no Good Place to Keep a Giant Squid Puppet: an experiment
Keywords: Theatrical design and technology, puppetry, "Squid"
FPH 106

Amye Gulezian
Rare Breeds, Real Cheese, and why we should save both
Keywords: Rare cows, cheese, culture
FPH 107

Sophie Greene
That Project Was a Rollercoaster: Using ERPs to Investigate How Metaphors Are Processed

Charlie Mattis
The Onus
Keywords: Pornography, race studies, body politic

3:40-4:10 p.m.

Rose Tui Generalli
Tales of Now: Validating Voices and Experiences of Young People Through Sharing Stories
Keywords: Youth, Stories
FPH 101

Anya Uzo
Biting Back: The Limits and Longevity of Intersectional Veganism
Keywords: Complex, uncharted, thought-provoking
FPH 102

Matilda Angle
Robbing The Poor: A Critique of 'Temporary Aid for Needy Families' Twenty Years After Passage
Keywords: Poverty, Welfare, USA
FPH 103

Meena Dieterich
(Re)Conceiving the Freestanding Birth Center or Knowing the Unknowable When n = 1
Keywords: Birth; midwifery; art
FPH 104

Rachel Brimmer
Situated Within: The Embodied Experience of Rape Culture, Sexual Trauma, and the Fascial Network in Healing
Keywords: Trauma, Fascia, Dance
FPH 105

Elan Goldman
Erothanatics: Ambivalent White Transgression, and the Coherence of the Racial Border
Keywords: Whiteness, Ambivalence, Borders
FPH 106

Jacob Prescott
Play it by Ear: Tuning in to the Music of Language
Keywords: Cognitive Science, music, and linguistics
FPH 107

Nomi Frank
Cymatics; Visual Sound
Keywords: Physic of Sound, Visualization of Sound Waves through a different medium
FPH 108

Ash Laraque-Ho
The Hanged Man: A Novel
Keywords: Speculative Fiction

fionn warren
it's kind of sticky: notes on language//a multi-media exploration of the role of words and labels in non-binary existence
Keywords: Queer inter-generational documentary installation

Jimmy Marrone
Giacomo, è per Te
Keywords: Film, toxic masculinity, father/son relationship
Liebling, Bill Brand Screening Room

Schedule is subject to change.

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