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2019 Division III Showcase

Below are selections from last year's Division III presentations. Stay tuned for updates.

Friday, May 17

1-1:30 p.m.

Jacob Steeves
Avatar: The Last Airbender & Modern Spiritual Philosophy
Keywords: Avatar and Spiritual Philosophy
FPH 101

Andy Cohn
Modeling Variability in Low-Mass Stars
Keywords: astrophysics, modeling, stars
FPH 103

Adin Buchanan
At the Movement’s Hearth: A Comparative Analysis of Four Social Movement Education Organizations
Keywords: Social Movements, Education
FPH 104

Xuemeng Zhao
ESL Cognitive Linguistics Meets Children's Literature
Keywords: Second Language Acquisition/Curriculum Design
FPH 105

Aldyn Markle
Approaching the Iceberg: Navigating Effective Communications & Accessibility in Informal Ocean & Climate Change Education
Keywords: Ocean and Climate Change, Education, Access
FPH 106

Bailey Seán Fernández
"Without Contraries There Is No Progression": Creation from Opposition in the Works of William Blake
Keywords: Poetics, Romanticism
FPH 107

Maria Antonia Myers
Broken Smiles: A Literary Journalistic Piece on Rape
Keywords: Detailed, factual nonfiction written in a more accessible way
FPH 108

Moira Tan
Litigation and Legislation: State Responses to the Overturning of Roe v. Wade.
Keywords: Reproductive justice analysis

Jackson Lipfert
Jung, Myth, and Little Miss Sunshine
Keywords: Philosophy, Story, Jung

Del Hanson
Materiality of Memory
Keywords: Props as a Method of Storytelling
ASH 111

Emi Link
Building Resilient Intellectual Community at Hampshire
Keywords: Redesigning Hampshire Advising
ASH 112

Bri Irving
Analyzing the rate of degradation of cancer-related protein CD147
Keywords: cancer, molecular biology
ASH 222

Olivia Johnson
Viral: A Division III Web Series
Keywords: Silly, Meta, YouTube
Liebling 120

1:40-2:10 p.m.

Olivia Brochu
White Women for Trump: Rethinking Liberal Understandings of Women's Self-Interests
Keywords: Feminist theory, women's voting behavior
FPH 101

Aria Linz
Costume x Fashion
Keywords: costuming, design, fabrication
FPH 102

Forel Kourouma (An International Internship Program)
Keywords: Social enterprise, internship
FPH 103

Alexa Akre
Accessible Doula Care: Minnesota's Doula Bill as a Framework for Better Birth
Keywords: Medicaid, health policy
FPH 104

Laura Howard
It's Complicated: Three Cases in Provenance Research and Acquisition Ethics
Keywords: Art History, Museum Ethics, Ancient Art
FPH 105

Megan Kender
"They Tried to Bury Us": Seeding Indigenous Resurgence and Decolonization on Turtle Island
Keywords: seeds, social change
FPH 106

Avalon Mercado
The Effect of Antioxidants on p815 Mouse Mastocytoma Cells
Keywords: Immunology, molecular biology, applied research
FPH 107

Yasmine Setareh Weil-Pourfard
Finding Home: Iranian-American identity formation, cultural duality, and diasporic community building
Keywords: ethnographic field research, community place-making, Iranian-American diasporas
FPH 108

Edward Ongweso
Ritual Sacrifice in the 21st Century: Notes on Uber, the Gig Economy, and Social Control
Keywords: tech-ethnography, neoliberalism, Uber

Olivia Noel
Entre Terre et Mer: The Evolution of Terroir & Regional Cuisine at "the End of the World"
Keywords: the evolution of culture, French foodways

2:20-2:50 p.m.

Timothy Raxworthy
Vanilla Bean Farming in Madagascar: An Economic and Social Report of Policy and Development
Keywords: sustainability, economics
FPH 101

Kyra Kabler
Color and light in CG animation
Keywords: animation, art, film
FPH 102

Emmett DuPont
Rethinking the Leaflet: New Strategies for Public Health Engagement and Access
Keywords: Public health, education
FPH 103

Maya Gilmore
Responsibility and Joy: Remaking Relationships with Nature
Keywords: Nature, responsibility, connection
FPH 104

Savvy Cornett☺︎
Interactions of Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone II with Amyloid-Beta Precursor Protein
Keywords: neuroendocrinology, protein interactions, biology
FPH 105

Tristan Cameron
This Is Not About Me: An Exploration of Intimacy Through Performance
Keywords: Theatre. Psychology. Cultural Studies.
FPH 106

Aspen Bey
Crops Not Cops: Pathways to Building a Non-Oppressive Permaculture Movement
Keywords: Address white supremacy in permaculture
FPH 107

Gabe Sklan
Misconduct: On Celebrity and Rape Culture
Keywords: Theater, Media Studies
FPH 108

Shannon Kennedy
Young Goodman Brown: A Graphic Novel Adaptation
Keywords: illustration, Hawthorne, political science

3-3:30 p.m.

Dunan Herman-Parks
How Is patriarchy Held In The Body?-An embodied research lab
Keywords: embodiment, patriarchy, movement
FPH 101

Katherine Lim
Influencer Marketing: How to Create an Influencer Marketing Campaign for Youtube and Instagram
Keywords: Influencer Marketing, Social Media Marketing Strategies, Digital Marketing
FPH 102

Nora Trampe
Ériu Insular Illuminated Tarot: The Greater Secrets Tunnel Books
Keywords: Irish Art History Tarot
FPH 103

Sam Taylor
Martial Arts and Craft: Reflections on the Efficacy of Budō in Combatting Gendered Violence
Keywords: Martial Arts, Gendered Violence, Design and Fabrication
FPH 104

Ezekiel Baskin
Facilitating Space Onstage and Off
Keywords: Facilitation, directing, education, theatre
FPH 105

Connie Chang
DISORIENTATION: A Horror Script about Being Chinese-American
Keywords: Screenwriting, Critical Race Studies, Asian Studies
FPH 106

Sarita Shera
TJ Tiger and the Quantum Mechanics
Keywords: Children's physics show
FPH 107

Louisa Benarbane
Geographies of Otherness: A Legal Analysis of The Experiences of Algerian Muslims in France
Keywords: Law, Ethnic Studies, Middle East Studies
FPH 108

Frances Metzger
Intimate Histories
Keywords: Historical fiction, creative writing

Matthew Waters
Crowd Simulation and Animation
Keywords: Crowd Simulation
Liebling 120

3:40-4:10 p.m.

Marlon Becerra
The Making of a Hampshire Crisis: Radicalizing Higher Education in the Face of Financial and Political Exigency
Keywords: What happened at Hampshire?
FPH 101

Miranda Harrison
The agonistic play behaviors of prepubertal TRPC2 knockout mice
Keywords: Behavioral neuroendocrinology, development, and play
FPH 102

Megan Muller
The Tale of Sina
Keywords: Story Pitch Book
FPH 103

Samara Rosen
The Power of Water: an Ethnography on the Relationship Between River Guides and River Conservation on the American River
Keywords: Conservation, Place Attachment, Nature-Culture Divide
FPH 104

Simon Fields
Keywords: London 1850s/1860s novella
FPH 105

Ella Lynch
The Burden of Femininity: "Feminine Hygiene" Culture and the Vaginal Body
Keywords: Sexual health, gender, reproductive
FPH 106

Ariel Kane-Esrig
Teaching Physics
Keywords: physics pedagogy
FPH 107

Claire Shillington
Protecting a Resource at Risk: Decentralized Greywater Treatment, Water Conservation, and Education at the R.W. Kern Center
Keywords: environmental science, water availability
FPH 108

Hannah Davidson
"Other Synonyms for Messy:" Locating Meaning in the Clinical Life of Postpartum Depression
Keywords: postpartum depression, psychological anthropology, care

MiaMax Diers
SPOOK! I am still.
Keywords: Trauma, magic, film

Aaron Gould-Kavet
Mountain Tourism and Sustainable Development in Morocco's Atlas Mountains
Keywords: Mountain Tourism, Sustainable Development, Outdoor Sports
Liebling 120

Schedule is subject to change.

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