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A Schrade Painting

Commencement Poster

Winner of the 2020 Commencement Poster Contest

2019 Commencement poster

Student Abbie Bevan 16F designed the 2020 Commencement poster “From the Cracks Grew Roses.”

“I came to Hampshire as a design-focused independent student. During my time here I’ve studied a mixture of animation, psychoanalysis, film, and theater while also pursuing graphic design by creating various publicity posters for the Alumni Relations Office and the Hampshire Theater Program.

“For my Division III I am designing and producing an autobiographical original play titled ‘My Mother, The Red Light,’ which focuses on the story of a teenage girl whose mother is a sex worker, and, ultimately, discusses the experiences of growing up in poverty. The entirety of the play will be focused on projection design, as I am in the middle of designing animated projections for the entire show.

“After graduation I plan to move to New York City to pursue design professionally, be it in theater, film, animation, or wherever my art takes me.” — Abbie Bevan 

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