Counseling Services

Hampshire College counseling services is located in Montague Hall, next to admissions. We have offices in the same building as medical services. Counseling services is staffed with a diverse group of experienced clinicians. We have two full-time psychologists and two half-time psychotherapists. Additionally, we are fortunate enough to have four doctoral-level trainees coming from several area graduate programs in clinical psychology.

We are available for brief consultations, ongoing psychotherapy, and group therapy. If you require more support than we are able to provide, we have good connections with many private practice psychotherapists in the area, and would be happy to help you find one that meets your needs. We also work closely with private practice psychiatrists as well as with the experienced psychiatrists at the University of Massachusetts mental health services. We regularly refer students for whom it is appropriate to these physicians for medication, consultation, and management.

In Case of Mental Health Emergency

Be sure to let us know if you are having a life or death emergency and need to be seen immediately. We have counselors on call 24 hours per day for this type of urgent situation. Please call health services (413.559.5458) or campus police (413.559.5555) and let them know you need immediate help and support.



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