Alcohol and Drug Concerns

All of the clinicians at the counseling center have experience working with drug and alcohol concerns; many students discuss these issues in psychotherapy. In addition, we offer a more focused evaluation of alcohol and drug use called the BASICS program, which is described below. For students who need more intensive drug and alcohol treatment, providers can help them find an off-campus treatment program that meets their needs.

BASICS Program

BASICS is a non-judgmental, non-moralistic harm reduction approach to understanding the role of alcohol and drugs in one's life. It is composed of two individual sessions and is a great way for students to learn more about their relationship with substances. These sessions are confidential and free. Students report that they enjoy the BASICS approach, learn a lot, and feel better informed to make responsible decisions around substance use at college. Students may call health and counseling services to request a BASICS appointment. Students may also be referred to BASICS by an area coordinator or a student life dean.