Withdrawing from the College

Students who want to withdraw from Hampshire College must complete an electronic withdrawal form, which is available by contacting CASA. Members of the staff are available to talk with students about their plans. The form requires approvals from the student's advisor, the housing coordinator, the director of financial aid (for financial aid students), the manager of student accounts, and a dean from CASA.

Deadlines and Fees

Withdrawal forms must be filed in CASA by the enrollment notification deadline. The enrollment notification deadline is listed each year in the online academic calendar and tuition information on the student financial services website.

A change of status from fully enrolled to withdrawal after the opening of the term (enrollment check-in date) will, if approved, lead to the partial or full forfeiture of tuition, room, and board fees. Refer to the fee brochure and the website studentaccounts.hampshire.edu for the refund schedule. Factors determining the amount of the refund include the date of leave, the type of leave, and the financial aid status of the student. Upon withdrawal, financial aid students may have a part of their aid returned to the programs that assisted them as mandated by the federal return-of-funds formula. Returns are applied in the following order: federal student and parent loans, federal grants, college, and outside grants and scholarships. Students will be responsible for a balance due created by the return-of-funds process.

Vacating Student Rooms

Students who withdraw must vacate their on-campus rooms within 48 hours after the date the withdrawal form is submitted. All residential keys must be returned to the appropriate area office upon a student's departure. Failure to comply with this policy may result in additional charges commensurate with the amount of time students have taken to vacate their rooms or to make arrangements with the area office to have articles moved to storage.

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