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Transformative Speaking Program

The Transformative Speaking Program was launched in 2013 to bridge the gap between students’ extraordinary ideas and ideals and the oral communication skills they need to be effective change makers in their careers and lives.

Cultivating conviction and courage among students to use their voices, the program provides resources for developing specific skills necessary for persuasive public speaking, productive civic discourse, and meaningful interpersonal communication.

Among its primary activities, the program supports a vibrant staff of peer mentors who meet individually and in groups with fellow students across campus to work on a variety of speaking projects and goals such as building confidence to participate in class discussion, preparing to deliver a class presentation, learning to speak assertively while negotiating identity politics, and more. Some peer mentors partner with faculty to provide mentoring to students enrolled in specific speaking-intensive courses. Other peer mentors are available to all students on campus by appointment and offer workshops by request.

The Transformative Speaking Program also provides support for faculty teaching, including resources for bringing creative speaking assignments and activities into courses, strengthening speaking instruction, and developing effective assessment methods.

The program affirms that every person has the right--indeed, the responsibility--to speak. Transformative leadership and justice require many different cultural perspectives, discourse traditions, rhetorical strategies, and languages. Through this program, all Hampshire students are supported in developing their own unique and empowered voices.

Members of the Hampshire College community can sign in to the program’s Moodle page to find more information, to schedule an appointment to meet with a peer mentor, and to access faculty resources.

Please contact the director of the Transformative Speaking Program, Dr. Laura Greenfield, at with questions.

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