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What follows outlines the procedure for obtaining goods or services via the requisition/purchase order system. This system is used for all goods or services for which the price exceeds $1,000 and for those vendors who do not accept credit cards. If a purchase costs under $1,000 and the vendor accepts credit cards, then the purchase must be made using a College-issued credit card.

I. Requisitions

II. Purchase Orders

III. Receiving

IV. Purchasing outside the system

V. Returned Goods

VI. Vendor File



I. Requisitions

A. Description

A requisition is a template of a purchase order. Requisitions are created and submitted via the Colleague requisition module. Each office manager determines who will have the responsibility to enter requisitions, the credit limit assigned to that person, and the general ledger account numbers that can be accessed. Purchasing office staff holds training in the use of this module several times per year.

B.   Initiation and Submission of Requisitions

All requisitions must be submitted at the office level. It is recommended that one person within each office, or school, be given the responsibility to requisition items or services for the entire office or school. Requisitions must first be completed in the Colleague requisition module in their entirety. The following information is mandatory:

  • Requisition date
  • Initiator name
  • Vendor
  • "Ship to" address, that is, the mail code for delivery
  • AP Type (always, "01")
  • Item description
  • Quantity (including unit of measure, e.g., carton, pounds, crate, etc.)
  • Estimated price
  • 13-digit account number

Delays will occur in processing requisitions that are submitted without adequate information.

Each vendor requires a separate requisition.

The dollar limit allowed for each designee to purchase goods will be at the discretion of the budget manager. Dollar amounts that exceed the individual limit require the additional approval of the supervisor. All bulk purchases or large orders over $10,000 will require the approval of the controller. Splitting a vendor payment into multiple requisitions in order to avoid one's requisition limit or the $10,000 limit is not allowed.

The requisitions pertaining to the areas listed below will require additional approval. Please note the area from which to request authorization.



 Approval needed Policy or Contact
Computers, printers, and related equipment; audio-visual equipment Director of Information Technology www.hampshire.edu/it/computer-resources-for-faculty-and-staff
Construction contracts Director of Facilities and Grounds www.hampshire.edu/facilities/administration-and-staff
Non-beverage potable alcohol Director of Campus Police www.hampshire.edu/campus-police/contact-campus-police
Manufacturer Safety Data Sheets (SDS) Director of Environmental Health and Safety www.hampshire.edu/ehs/chemical-safety-data-sheets-sds
Equipment purchases over $10,000 Controller www.hampshire.edu/business-office/controllers-office
Certificate of Insurance Treasurer www.fivecolleges.edu/riskmgmt/certificates_of_insurance
Printing of external publications Chief Creative Officer www.hampshire.edu/communications/communications-office
Furniture and window treatments Procurement and Auxiliary Services Director www.hampshire.edu/business-office/purchasing-office
Library acquisitions Director of the Library www.hampshire.edu/library/collection-development-policy
Computer software, electronic educational materials and programs IT Accessibility Working Group itaccessibility.hampshire.edu


These additional approvals are required regardless of whether the funds are from the general operating budget, donations from any source, state or federally-funded grants, student group accounts, or any College funds not otherwise specified. 

Office/Classroom Furniture

Please note: The purchasing office must approve all furniture purchases. No invoices for furniture will be paid without the prior approval of the purchasing office. Furniture is not to be purchased on a purchasing card without authorization.

Non-Beverage Potable Alcohol

The purchase of non-beverage potable alcohol requires a permit from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. All such requests must be placed through the office of campus police.

C.  Fund Availability

No requisition will be processed without sufficient budget funds and proper authorization.

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