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Community members, including Hampshire staff, may take a maximum of one course per semester, on a space-available basis.

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Course Registration Forms and Information

Preparing for preregistration and add/drop

  • Discuss your course selections with your advisor, who must authorize you to preregister.
  • Check Approvals/Holds on TheHub for your time and date to begin registering and for the ADV code indicating advisor approval.
  • Some holds will prevent you from registering for courses. Check the "approvals and holds" link on your student menu on TheHub for more information.
  • You may preregister for a total of 4 academic courses, including a maximum of two Five College courses. Five College requests submitted beyond the limit will not be processed.
  • The above mentioned course limit does not apply during the add/drop period.
  • Amherst College has a two-course maximum per semester.
  • The four-course limit during preregistration does not apply to co-curricular courses.
  • You may preregister for courses with prerequisites, but the course instructor will determine your eligibility to remain registered. Read the description carefully to determine that you have met the prerequisites.
  • Courses marked as co-curricular on TheHub "search for classes" do not satisfy distribution requirements.
  • During preregistration in spring for fall courses, 100-level courses have spaces reserved for new entrants. Spaces on 100-level waitlists are also limited.

Speeding up your registration
Before registration begins, you can enter the courses that you want by going to your student menu on TheHub and clicking on "search/register for courses." This will bring you to a screen where you can fill out search criteria for courses. The next screen will show your search results. Select the box to the left of the desired course and click submit. This will place the courses on your "Preferred Sections" list. When the registration period begins, return to your student menu on TheHub and click on "register and drop sections." Select the drop down menu on this screen to register, waitlist, or remove the courses.

Shopping around for courses
If you are registered for a class and would like to visit another one that meets at the same time, speak to the professor of the class for which you are registered. Failure to do so could jeopardize your ability to receive an evaluation for the course, and the instructor may assume that you intend to drop the course. Faculty will not write evaluations for students who have missed too many classes.

Handling course time conflicts
TheHub will not allow students to register for two courses that conflict. Occasionally, students and faculty make special arrangements to accommodate minor time conflicts. Get permission from the faculty member of the course regarding the time conflict. You can have it emailed to We will register you.

Registering from a waitlist
If you are on a waitlist for a course, you will be notified by email when a space in the course becomes available. You must register yourself on TheHub within 24 hours of the time the email was sent to avoid being dropped from the waitlist, so it is important that you check your email daily. The waitlist notification system runs whenever course registration is open on TheHub. 

If you are dropped from a waitlist, you must re-add yourself to the waitlist (yes, your name will then be at the bottom) if you still intend to take the course. You must attend courses for which you are on the waitlist, as faculty will not write evaluations for students who have missed too many classes.

Enrollment between the add and drop deadline
You may use this Enrollment Form - Hampshire Course to register for a course with approval from the instructor between the add deadline and the drop deadline regardless of waitlist status at the beginning of the semester ONLY.

Maintaining your schedule
Students are responsible for the accuracy of their course schedules and for making changes by the appropriate deadlines. Check the "courses tab" on TheHub under "Courses and Divisional Evaluations".

Independent Study
Use this Independent Study Form (pdf) to work at any level with Hampshire College faculty. Return the completed form to central records by the drop deadline and we will register you. Courses that require a form for registration will not appear immediately on your schedule.

To register for an independent study supervised by Five College faculty, you must register through the Five College request system.

Instructor Permission
The Instructor Permission Form (pdf) is required only for courses identified on TheHub as "Instructor Permission." Return the completed form to central records by the drop deadline and we will register you. Courses that require a form for registration will not appear immediately on your schedule.

Teaching Assistant
A teaching assistant helps to plan the course and engage in teaching activities including leading discussions; holding office hours for student appointments; and providing feedback on papers and other assignments.You may register for a course as a student or as a teaching assistant, but NOT for both. Return the completed Teaching Assistant Form (pdf) by the drop deadline. Courses that require a form for registration will not appear immediately on your schedule.

Private Music Lessons
Students may take private music lessons with instructors throughout the Five Colleges. Fees for lessons can vary, but are typically $625 per semester and will be added to your student account. The College will then pay your instructor. Fill out the Private Music Lessons Form (pdf) and return it to the central records office by the drop deadline. Division II or III music concentrators who are currently receiving a Hampshire grant may be eligible for a one-time music grant for private lessons. Contact the financial aid office for details. Courses that require a form for registration will not appear immediately on your schedule.

Dropping courses and withdrawing from courses
Students may drop courses on TheHub during the add/drop and preregistration periods. Use the Hampshire Course Withdrawal Form (pdf) or the Five College Course Withdrawal Form (pdf) between the drop deadline and the course withdrawal deadline to receive a withdrawal notation of "W" on your transcript. Students may no longer withdraw after the course withdrawal deadline. A "No evaluation notation" is recorded on student transcripts for Hampshire courses that are not successfully completed. An "F" is recorded for a Five College courses that are not successfully completed in accordance with Five College policy.

Auditing a course
Use this Audit Form (pdf) only for Hampshire courses and return it to central records by the drop deadline. Course registrations CANNOT be changed to audit after this deadline. Please see the policies on auditing a Five College course and for taking Five College courses pass/fail. Courses that require a form for registration will not appear immediately on your schedule.

Advanced Standing
 First-year students entering fall 2012 and after may use qualifying college courses and AP and IB exams to satisfy Division I electives. See the full policy in the  student handbook.

If you are having technical difficulty with TheHub, please contact administrative systems at 413.559.5714 during normal business hours or email Please feel free to use the email address anytime; it will be monitored throughout the evening whenever possible. If you have questions regarding registration policy, please contact central records at 413.559.5421 or email

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