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Write out "Hampshire College, Amherst, MA; Bachelor of Arts, Month, Year" or "Candidate for Bachelor of Arts, Month, Year." Include your concentration and a brief description of your Division II or Division III project. (Avoid the terms Division II and Division III, as most employers are not familiar with them. Instead, use words such as focus, individual project, thesis, or concentration.) If you think it will enhance your resume, list other colleges or universities you attended, either before Hampshire or during your Hampshire career (e.g., summers or while on leave).

Honors and awards. Merit-based scholarships, special fellowships, grants for internship programs, and other awards are all relevant information. List who gave you the award, for what reason, and the date you received it.

Relevant coursework. For each job application, list courses that either are pertinent to the particular job, or demonstrate the acquisition of unique skills. You may include this information under Education or make it a separate section. (Consider including a major independent project or research experience in the Experience section.)

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