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Highlights / Summary

A section that highlights and summarizes your top qualifications in 3 - 5 bulleted statements can be very effective. Customize this section for each job application, with such information as:

  • Special accomplishments, successes, or skills
  • Relevant credentials or training, special knowledge or technical expertise
  • Outstanding or unusual aspects of your background and experience
  • Experience with other cultures and languages
  • Leadership and supervisory experience or skills
  • Commitment, values, motivation and enthusiasm
  • Work style, teamwork and communication abilities

Following is an example of a Highlights section for a media Production Assistant job:

Highlights of Qualifications

  • Production experience for several documentary film and video projects and television programs
  • Personable, outgoing, approachable and communicative; excellent team player
  • Skilled in video editing
  • Dependable, available, eager to learn, willing to work hard

A Summary may be written in paragraph form rather than as a bulleted list. For example:

Summary: Two year's equivalent experience working with children. Skills in communication, planning, teaching, and leading groups. Bi-lingual, highly motivated, committed to social justice and diversity.

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