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Paper and Envelope Details

Generally Accepted Standards

  • 8 1/2" x 11" paper for both cover letter and resume, and #10 business envelope (Do not use your school or current employer's letterhead.)
  • Stationery and envelopes in a neutral color such as white, cream, or light grey (not strong, bright colors)
  • Stationery with no pictures or images in the background (This is commonly considered to be too casual for any resume, cover letter, or envelope, whether you are applying for a position as an artist, a pre-school teacher, or a business manager.)
  • Typed (if possible) envelope addressed specifically to the contact person identified in your cover letter
  • Handwritten signature in black ink

Nice Touches That May Give You an Edge

  • Quality stationery, not plain white copier/ printer paper
  • Matching stationery for cover letter and resume, plus matching envelope
  • Matching typeface and font size on cover letter and resume (Such coordination demonstrates planning and professionalism.)
  • Terminology and buzzwords of the career field show familiarity with the profession - but don't overdo it.


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