Community Partnerships for Social Change (CPSC) coordinates two vans to make community-based off-campus internships, work-study jobs, and partnership projects more accessible to students, particularly to areas where there is little or no public transportation.

Important Information About the Vans

  • Trips can only go up to 40 miles; otherwise, special permission is necessary.
  • For transportation to Holyoke, CPSC highly encourages use of the R29 PVTA bus or the shuttle to Holyoke. Requests to use the vans for Holyoke trips may be rejected if CPSC determines that other options are available.
  • Keep in mind that any student, staff, or faculty member must be a trained defensive driver in order to drive any Hampshire vehicle.

Who Gets to Use the Vans?

  • The CPSC vans are for the use of students who are doing community-related work, either individually or through a program. Any requests involving community engagement take priority over all other requests.
  • We prioritize requests with at least two people. We encourage you to carpool and reduce your carbon footprint. Recruit friends to go with you, and go only to areas where there is no public transportation.
  • If there is still availability among the CPSC vans, Hampshire community members may request use for other College purposes.

How to Request a Van

The process for requesting a van is easy and straightforward. Just make sure to do all of the following steps:

  • Plan your event at least two weeks in advance.
  • Fill out both the Request Form¬†and Pool Vehicle Form
  • Bring filled out copies to the CPSC office (FPH G-1)
  • Any questions should be directed to Maria Cartagena at mcartagena@hampshire.edu.