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The Indie Van

What is the indie van? The indie van is the most common way CPSC vans are used. It is simply a way you can reserve a van independently.

Things to Remember

It is meant for students, staff, and faculty who are doing community-related work, either individually or through a program.

You must either be a defensive driver yourself, or have someone designated for the trip you are requesting before you submit a request.

We encourage you to carpool and reduce your carbon footprint! Recruit friends to go with you, and go only to areas where there is no public transportation!

CPSC covers gas and maintenance costs.

Trips can only go up to 200 miles for the College; otherwise special permission is necessary.

How do I reserve a van?

First, check the van schedule and availability

If the time you want to go is available, please submit an indie van request form to CPSC office: G-1 FPH



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