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Publications from La Fuerza to Currents, from RAW to The Inside, echo the voices of students of color and international students on campus. These newsletters reflect active engagement with campus issues and speak from personal and community spaces. The histories, struggles, and triumphs of the SOURCE community on campus are etched into these pages, giving voice to ourselves and our communities. 

Additional information

"Hampshire's Multicultural Center: a closer look at its rich history and mission," The Forward, Oct. 17, 2001.

Student Protests/Organizing

Hampshire Library Archives

* Occupation of Dakin Master's House by SOURCe (1988)
* Occupation of Cole Science Center (1992)
* Accepted Students Day Protest (2002)

The Cultural Center's multicultural resource library has archival videos from the Accepted Students Day 2002 protest and other events. Additionally, the center has documents regarding Cut Out Appropriation Day (2007), Action Awareness Week (2008) and local, regional, and national newspaper clippings from the 1988 Dakin Takeover.

Active Anti-Racism Administrative Action Plan (2008)


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